It's that time of year again. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Adam!. reind_ : hawaii: christmas eve what about christmas adam happy Christmas adam to  holiday jews adam chistmas merry
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It's that time of year again

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Adam!

reind_ :
christmas eve what about
christmas adam
happy Christmas adam to all
men' s rights activists
Please stop pestering us with
things like this. This has nothing to
do with men fighting for their
rights. Eve is short for 'evening'.
Please don' t turn activism into a
joke. Thanks.
Someone isn' t having a good
christmas adam
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Submitted: 12/24/2013
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#4 - slias (12/24/2013) [-]
**** it, comedy belongs everywhere.
#6 - ivoryhammer (12/25/2013) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #5 - somenerd (12/25/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I always called the day after Christmas Christmas Adam.
#18 - drailen (12/25/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Christmas Adam: the day before Christmas Eve.

Because everybody knows Adam came before Eve.
User avatar #17 - mylazy (12/25/2013) [-]
No. Eve is a word. It isn't short for anything. It literally has it's own meaning:

noun: eve; plural noun: eves

the day or period of time immediately before an event or occasion.
"on the eve of her departure he gave her a little parcel"
synonyms: day before, evening before, night before;
User avatar #25 - turopiyox (12/25/2013) [-]
i think both sides of rights activists should just shut the hell up and think about the other side, stop being retarded, and just look at making society equal for everyone. is it really that hard for people to just empathize with someone else's perception for once and come to an agreement?
#23 - blueninja (12/25/2013) [-]
sorry but it was already a joke
sorry but it was already a joke
User avatar #20 - runsawayfromdanger (12/25/2013) [-]
And woman is simply man combined with womb.

If this is true ive no idea i just made it up
User avatar #14 - Happytreefriend (12/25/2013) [-]
if eve is short for evening then how is December 24th Christmas eve if it isn't Christmas? cause the evening is in the afternoon (for which I think is right) and the 25th is actually Christmas? so Christmas eve should be on Christmas day making it Christmas evening? sorry bout the rant but Im just curious.
User avatar #13 - aSARendarsFJWINWIN (12/25/2013) [-]
Womens activists are a joke though,
User avatar #10 - bluemoonz (12/25/2013) [-]
Then just call it Christmas Adaming
#1 - philogustwo **User deleted account** (12/24/2013) [-]
The tag-jews did this.
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