It Was Only One Scene. It Was Only One Scene Watch out for the couple '. ' ._ they made up a entire life in a simple sce funny
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User avatar #1 - ieatpaste (07/23/2014) [+] (18 replies)
this show is bad
#15 to #1 - Dincorta ONLINE (07/24/2014) [-]
It was often clever and very entertaining.
User avatar #20 - deathsn (07/24/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Maybe I am missing something but in the last frame there's two old people and someone's ashes, since they are both old, I am guessing it is the couple from the beginning and neither of them is the son we see graduated so, their son died?
#23 to #20 - Hightower (07/24/2014) [-]
Or since the old guy is not one of the previous actors in make up, the ashes are those of her husband.
#31 - smuffle (07/24/2014) [-]
#22 - walalalabangbang (07/24/2014) [+] (1 reply)
**walalalabangbang rolled image** What love is
User avatar #17 - calawesome (07/24/2014) [+] (2 replies)
There's one of these in community over like two seasons. Abed meets a girl who gets pregnant and he delivers the baby or something. It takes like fourteen episodes.
#14 - fefe (07/24/2014) [-]
Yes you ********* .
The whole joke is that they spent so long taking the piss out of Robin that a couple managed to live out their entire lives as they did it.
Its not a "hidden joke" or anything special its a funny way to point out their activity went on a long time.
Now can we PLEASE shut up about it for ***** sake?
User avatar #10 - yoo (07/24/2014) [-]
what episode is this
#7 - incrediblejohn (07/23/2014) [-]
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