Is this for real?. Or did he simply put his scateboard on his ps3? . . . . . Calculus is the mathematical study of change,[1] in the same way that geometry is t Ps3 scateboard hue
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Is this for real?

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Is this for real?. Or did he simply put his scateboard on his ps3? . . . . . Calculus is the mathematical study of change,[1] in the same way that geometry is t

Or did he simply put his scateboard on his ps3?

Calculus is the mathematical study of change,[1] in the same way that geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of operations and their application to solving equations. It has two major branches, differential calculus (concerning rates of change and slopes of curves), and integral calculus (concerning accumulation of quantities and the areas under and between curves); these two branches are related to each other by the fundamental theorem of calculus. Both branches make use of the fundamental notions of convergence of infinite sequences and infinite series to a well-defined limit. Generally considered to have been founded in the 17th century by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz, today calculus has widespread uses in science, engineering and economics and can solve many problems that algebra alone cannot.
Calculus is a part of modern mathematics education. A course in calculus is a gateway to other, more advanced courses in mathematics devoted to the study of functions and limits, broadly called mathematical analysis. Calculus has historically been called "the calculus of infinitesimals", or "infinitesimal calculus". The word "calculus" comes from Latin (calculus) and refers to a small stone used for counting. More generally, calculus (plural calculi) refers to any method or system of calculation guided by the symbolic manipulation of expressions. Some examples of other well-known calculi are propositional calculus, calculus of variations, lambda calculus, and process calculus.

Main article: History of calculus
Modern calculus was developed in 17th century Europe by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, but elements of it have appeared in ancient Greece, China, medieval Europe, India, and the Middle East.
The ancient period introduced some of the ideas that led to integral calculus, but does not seem to have developed these ideas in a rigorous and systematic way. Calculations of volume and area, one goal of integral calculus, can be found in the Egyptian Moscow papyrus (c. 1820 BC), but the formulas are simple instructions, with no indication as to method, and some of them lack major components.

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" This Limited Edition Playstation 3 is the only one of it's kind in the entire world. You can play your favorite video games on it if you restore it and say you want to go and experience the real world, just take it outside and BOOM you can now ride it like a skateboard!! Nobody else has one of these skateboarding Playstation specially equipped with Bones Skateboarding wheels, RED Bearings, and Thunder Trucks so if you buy this product now you will without a doubt be the coolest person in not only your neighborhood, but the entire world!!!!! "

Oh lawd
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Looks like he drilled and tapped his PS# to accept the mounts.