Internet you did it again. Well then, found this forum post and decided to take a screenshot of it for a quick laugh, might as well share it.... The Grapist: Fo hentai fakku WTF lol Penis internet ponies Bronies are Gay umad yet
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Internet you did it again

Well then, found this forum post and decided to take a screenshot of it for a quick laugh, might as well share it...

The Grapist: Forums: Fe It I r/ futanari on lmger I C) Kuso Miso Technique (Ori I building bombs- {Boogie I E? Merster Girl Hentai I 2 The Endofttme: An Anne I LT.
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I usually enjoy Yahtzee' s videos, but hiscore about transgender people really ******* bothered me.
Why? Because my girlfriend is trans.
I' told her how much I love heron many occasions. I had to have an honest with myself, because I want to have sex
with her and make her happy, but it will be a while before she can have her surgery (she wants everything, the therapy and the
SRS surgery).
So yeah, I decided that right now, her penis is part of who she is, and I want to make her happy. So yes, I would be willinger do that for
Obviously, I would prefer vaginal sex (l mean hell, she told me she not only wants a vagina for herself, but because she wants to "ride
me so ******* badly", which made me blush). But it' s funny... I don' t like dudes. I like women. And e'en though my girlfriend wasn' t
born one, I see her as one, because she acts like one and sees herself as one.
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So, I look at it like I' m sucking my girlfriend' s penis. =)
Now, none of this has happened yet, because we are also , so we have only talked over the Internet. But holy hell, eyery
time I talk to her I get that warm tingly love feeling. Youjust sexually aroused... it' s more than that.
So yeah, I know this is the Escapist, and I know people will come out and call me gay for Banting's make my girlfriend happy because I
love her. Don' t care. I just wanted to say why Yahtzee' ajoke upset me.
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#5 - fiora ONLINE (03/18/2014) [-]
"monster girl hentai" and "building bombs" tabs. Man your into some kinky ****
#4 - anonymous (03/18/2014) [-]
...r/futanari on imgur...
...building bombs... girl hentai...
Seems normal.
#1 - anonymous (03/18/2014) [+] (2 replies)
I have a girlfriend, I've caught myself saying: "Damn it I wish she had a cock to suck."
Cocks are easier, nothing intricate about a penis, suck it/ **** it/ tug it, happiness.
It's like nothing explains the difference between the sexes as well as genitals.
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