Interesting Read, Non-Fiction. . El L 1211712013 Six months age. I stepped nut frem the shadows the United States s Matinee] Security Agency be stand in front c
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Interesting Read, Non-Fiction

El L
Six months age. I stepped nut frem the shadows the United States
s Matinee] Security Agency be stand in front cf a
s camera. I shared with the world evidence sense
governments are building a system tn secretly
track have we live. who we tell: tn. and what we say. I went in treat of
that camera with open eyes. Ironwing that the decision would cost me
family and my home, and week! risk my life. I was motivators by a
belief that the citizens of the world deserve to understand the system in
which they live.
My greatest fear was that he one wiuld listen to my warning. Never
have t been as glad to have been m wrang. The reactants in certain
countries has been particularly inspiring tn me. and Brazil is: certainly
one of' these.
At the NSA, t witnessed with growing alarm the surveillance of whole
populations without any suspicion ttf , and it threatens In
became the greatest human rights challenge cf nut time. The NSA and
other spying agencies tell us that for ear own "safety" - fer Emma' s
safety," fer ' "safety" - they have revoked ear right In
privacy and broken into cur lives. And they did it without asking the
public in any country. even their ewe.
Today, if you carry a cell phone in the Paolo, the NSA can and does
keep track tsf your Ideation: they rte this it billion times a day to people
around the wand. When seamen in visits a website, the
NSA keeps a record of when it happened and what you did there. If a
her in Perth Alegra calls berm In wish him their err his university
exam, NSA can keep that call leg fer five years or more, They even
keep tract: of who is having an affair er looks" n g at pornography. in case
they need to damage their target' s reputation.
American Senators tell us that Brazil should net worry. because this is
net "surveillance." it' s "data collection,.'' They say it is dens to keep you
safe. They' re wrang. There is a huge difference between legal
programs. legitimate spying, legitimate law - where
individuals are targeted based on a reasonable. individualized suspicion
and these programs of magnet mass surveillance that put entire
populations under an eye and save copies forever, These
programs were never went terrorism: they' re about spying,
menial . and diplomatic . They' re about prewar.”
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Submitted: 12/18/2013
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