Innovative baby product. go there you will love it. who ad: LARGE CRIB WANTED bin to get out oi it. Home respond Mm plumes. Cooled Julia . Fr e mails from ass
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Innovative baby product

who ad:
bin to get out oi it. Home respond Mm plumes. Cooled Julia .
From Ila to """"@vertion. net:
my Julia.
I may have the when at for you. It is a very large crib that has some
tenures to prevent your baby tram escaping. Please let me know It you
are Interested.
From Julia h to Ila:
How big is it? Do you have any plumes at it?
From In to will "*2
It is very large. he I said. It has modifications to prevent escape. The entire
top perimeter of the crib has been reinforce rm a metal home that is
connected to a car battery, when someone was to escape the an they
MI be given it gentile electric shout. which will discourage them from
attempting to climb out oi the crib again. The was includes a volt car
battery. but a battery can aways be purchased. depending
on how tat your child It Here is a picture of the setup:
I an currently using the an tor one at my inane: who happens to be a
midget. He lend: to get drunk and violent. so we put hon in this
orb when he starts getting belligerent. The battery works great tor keeping
him in. so I am assuming it will work greener your child. The only reason I
am getting no oi it is recently arrested tor arson.
n he won' t be around lot a while.
I have something else that you may be interested In as well. he you tired
of wetting up in the middle attire white the sound your baby crying?
with this clever device. you won' t even have to get out M bed to calm your
It is I little mobile that I invented called "The ." Simply hang '
above the at and the microphone will detect when the bin sewing. It
the crying reaches a certain decibel level. the box will my a calming mist
at pepper may we the an h train: your baby not to cry in mums! It
who great an the midget when he started yelling. it when with 2% cs
pepper spray. which is insanity harmless It can be upgraded to hear
me!» it your duh continues to cry. I have decorated the with
smiley lace: to commit your baby.
I an asking tor the . and tor the crib/ battery combo.
Oh my god
Please Isl me you' re kidding. You' re kyidbg, taht?
From Io to Julie e:
Why would t be kidding? I thought was more than reasonable. Igot a
lot oi use out oi than things who social services took my kid away. I will
do whenever the midget come: over.
I... don' l know what to my to you, You are a disgusting exam tor a human
being. How one you ever think that I would use this tor my child. Don' t
you ever email me again. you awning.
From Is to Julie w“:
We been called some harsh things tor my haggling tactics, but you seem
to have been very attended by the price I have otter“. I am sorry: I had
no oi obtruding you I will drop the total prim to For
everything. and I' ll even throw this In tor tree:
New you won' t have to get up to glee your baby a bathe when he is thirsty.
This handy will allow your baby to quench his thirst any time he
wants. it doesn' t have to necessarily bellied with tequila this I can this
at was at up lei I midget), It can easily be tilled with Gatorade. breast
mill. or whatever else your baby meters. Throw in a can of tood and the
baby can practically two on his ovum
Please let me know when you are going to our the owl up. I am going to
Mantle City tor the weekend. an I need you to gel , below I leave.
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