Indian man likes his pizza. Brian is nice to me. I' ll texta girl. scrt, She' ll text me back right away. She' ll text me back right away. wimy I' ll text her b Indian man likes his pizza Brian is nice to me I' ll texta girl scrt She' text back right away wimy her b
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Indian man likes his pizza

I' ll texta girl.
She' ll text me back right
She' ll text me back right
I' ll text her back right away.
I' ll text her back right
She' ll text me back right
Then, I' ll say, "Alright, cool.
So you wanna get pizza on
And then I don' t hear
l map
med? I know you
read that shit!"
You re onduty to 20
other things I just said!"
What? Do y u not "
me anymore?”
You don' t have two
Iv ‘_: ands to say
res, leant to get
pizza” or "No, I don' t
7, W wt Want to get pizza"?
iitt. u check your
phone/ int Rockerkid
go ride a rol procaster for
a few hours?
And aittir) 1' hours of no
response met real upset.
And I just want to send a
text that says something
Well, ess tatt
got o the
pizza party?"
You dim 'Ca '
hate you nowl"
The texts
something back, "Sorry, I
was at my niece' s ballet
recital, we had to turn off
our phones!"
Whatever! 're done! I
finish/ d that '
l went with y friend
Brian! He' s ice to mel"
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#4 - brokentoaster
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(04/15/2014) [-]
#9 - nebuchadnezzaurus
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(04/16/2014) [-]
Well, to be the devil's advocate... She does need a bit of time to make the decision, it's not just like answering any other question. When my friends invite me to go somewhere I take forever to decide whether to go or not because I'm lazy, so I imagine it might take even a longer time for some people to make a commitment like that.
User avatar #11 to #9 - sardinez
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(04/16/2014) [-]
a commitment like getting pizza? does she need her fathers blessing for pizza or something
User avatar #16 to #11 - nebuchadnezzaurus
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(04/16/2014) [-]
you realize that the guy may view it as a "first date", resulting in a potentially awkward situation that neither of them will enjoy?
#12 - deathbyrevenge
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(04/16/2014) [-]
I would always rather get a no than be ignored. A no, at least, says you thought about it.
User avatar #6 - mrmystery
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(04/16/2014) [-]
I love how some **** thats been posted a dozen times has more thumbs than some of the OC i've seen on here.
User avatar #8 to #6 - Yojimbo
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(04/16/2014) [-]
Just because something is OC doesn't mean it is funny or good
User avatar #10 to #8 - mrmystery
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(04/16/2014) [-]
I would rather give something new a chance than the same **** i've seen posted over and over and over and over and over.

Of course, my head is a vase. you shouldn't really expect a great depth of intellectual information to spout from it.
User avatar #15 - fuzzysixx
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(04/16/2014) [-]
I talk to the lady I love almost exclusively via Facebook messenger, so I know for a fact when she's read it.
#13 - minutes
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(04/16/2014) [-]
>be at party
>flirt with girl
>seems interested, laughs about everything i say
>even kissed me on the cheek
>text her a few days later on fb
>kill self

Don't really get why she would add me in the first place if she wasn't even going to answer. ******* bitch.
User avatar #14 to #13 - opa
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(04/16/2014) [-]
prob drunk cause of party
or socially awkward girl

seen it both, at a party you should go for the score, after a party most girls lose interest
#7 - Yojimbo
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(04/16/2014) [-]
And I've never understood that. How can people think it is way better to make up an obviously ******** story instead of flat out telling someone you don't want to hang out? By making up a story, you are not only already "telling" them you don't want to hang out, but you are insulting their intelligence because you are expecting them to eat up this quickly conceived, obviously ******** story of yours. And that is infinitely more hurtful. How do people not realize this?

That being said though, use your judgement. Think it through because sometimes you have to give people benefit of the doubt. I try to because I know I will leave my phone behind. I'm not addicted to texting. I will turn my phone off in movies. I will leave it to charge. I will leave a "conversation" behind to go out to eat with friends. I can only assume I'm not the only person in the world like this.
User avatar #5 - kciwtsob
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(04/16/2014) [-]
Source is Aziz Ansari- Dangerously Delicious
#1 - leepicfunposter
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(04/15/2014) [-]
post oc instead of screecaps, ´faggot
#2 to #1 - acassii
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(04/15/2014) [-]
you must be new here