ITT: dating stories. mah stori >met her on omegle >i was 18 she was 16 >we went to mc donalds >surprisingly she's a midget whale >tells me she al
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ITT: dating stories

mah stori
>met her on omegle
>i was 18 she was 16
>we went to mc donalds
>surprisingly she's a midget whale
>tells me she alredi ate
>bought a ******* bigmac menu still
>I ate half a cheeseburger because I was sick and have been drunk like 3 nights in a row
>we went to see a movie
>the bus we were taking drove past us even though we were standing on the bus stop, ****** bus driver waves us goodbye with a dick eating grin
>it was january ******* -20 degrees outside
>took the next bus, but arrived just before the movie started
>movie was ******* sold out
>watched another one (last pirates of the caribbean movie)
>she was terrified the whole movie
>hands in front of face the whole time
>I extract my hand on her thigh in case she wanted to hold it (her face was like 7/10 so i figgured i might as well try to be kind)
>i quickly pull my hand back
>punched her sollid in the jaw
>she started crying
>wat do
>she runs out
>sheeple looking @ me
>decided to stay and watch the movie
>she came back after a few minutes
>i said sorry and she said its alright
>movie ends and we're walking out while im dripping in swet
>we walk and talk towards the bus stop
>completely ignoring the kisser punch
>she gives me a hug and goes away on the bus
some days later on faceb00k
>we start talking about alcohol and sex n stuff
>ask her if she would have sex with me if I asked her that night
>she moved away to the other side of the country a few days beforehand
>foiled again
more weeks pass as we occationally talk about sexing
>suddenly she invites me to a party she's having
>tells me i will get the P
>I take the 9 hour train ride to her house
>home alone, gonna stay 4 a few days
>party night
>alot of fat emo friends and country fag boys show up
>I walk around and drink my beers while waiting 4 teh fuk
>she's been gone for like 3 hours
>enter her room
>she's sitting in bed crying beside another crying emo meatpudd gril
>they're hugging and kissing
> *********** .TomBoomerDelonge
>she screams something to me while gurgling her tearjuice and snot
>other grul jumps up
>pushes me out and calls me a priveleged cis white male raper
>she shows the mark I left on her jaw from the date
>I realize im fuked with all deese white bitches
>10+ femi pigs throws me out of the house
>I call the popo and tells them minors are partying
>they all get sent home and parents are called
>I take the train home
>never talk to her again
>I didnt get the P but feminazis got what they deserved

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Submitted: 08/28/2014
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User avatar #12 - TheHutchie (08/28/2014) [-]
Oh man, the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie sucked mega-dick.

I know the feel of having to sit in the cinema through that **** , and I'm sorry.
User avatar #3 - arcticvenom ONLINE (08/28/2014) [+] (4 replies)
Wait, why'd you punch her? As for as I can tell you put your hand on her thigh, and then punched her in the face.
If you could explain, that'd be great
User avatar #8 - Maroon ONLINE (08/28/2014) [+] (3 replies)
Why would you even try that hard for a short fat underage girl anyway?
#1 - anonymous (08/28/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Punching a girl, he deserves scaring facial warts and worse
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