I was trolled... I think.. Is Omegle even still popular?. allt?, omegle Talk to strangers! You' re chatting with a random stranger on You both like homestuck. S omegle troll funny

I was trolled... I think.

Is Omegle even still popular?

allt?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re chatting with a random stranger on
You both like homestuck.
Stranger: wat'? i fond this cann my mommys
and i dont no hep u are i am Lucy i
am 5 yeers old
You: then hello there
Stranger: wat es this
You: This is an online talking device to talk to people
around the world.
You: But you wont know who the person is because it
is random.
Stranger: am my momy talkig to wold
You: Because it' s sometimes a fun thing to talk to other
people you dont know and maybe you might make a
new friend.
Stranger: but cann i get ani kandi from it
You: I wish. But no, you can not. The people cannot
give you candy because its only a computer. It cannot
process candy because it would be to complicated for
a computer's materialize candy into reality.
Stranger: but i want kandi
You: Then i would suggest inquiring your maternal
figure for some candy.
Stranger: my momy says i shud not tak to stranges but
it sais in red you arms stangers
You: I am no stranger, young one. lam simply the
shadow on the ground. lam the tree in your backyard. I
am all. lam eternal.
You: And if you should not talk to a stranger, then how
does on plan on making acquaintances?
Stranger: how can a tree spek
You: Every thing in the universe has its own voice. You
just aren' t listening hard enough.
Stranger: but yo are a tre
You: Yes, but i am also a fish and a rock and a car and
the moon and the earth and the universe.
Stranger: wic fish are
Stranger: wic fish are yo
You: All of them at the same time.
Stranger: why can yo bi a fish and not Lucy
You: cm but you don' t understand. lam you. lam your
mother. lam your best friend. lam your worst enemy.
Stranger: are yo my best thingd anna
You: Yes. lam also Stacy and Michal and Jerome.
Stranger: how is dis posible
You: It is not. And yet here lam.
Stranger: so why yo here
You: I am not. But at the same time, lam.
Stranger: i tink yo are Iing
You: Well how can that be? lam not real.
Stranger: i now yo not real dis is mommys compare
You: I am but a simple entity.
You: I am Imagination.
Stranger: i fel dasy
You: I must depart soon Lucy.
You: But one more inquisition before i go.
You: Would you like some advice?
Stranger: wat advice
You: Troll harder next time.
You have disconnected.
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#2 - doktorwhat (06/13/2014) [-]
it wasn't "trolling" I hate using that word - it probably wanted to role-play some child rape.
#1 - shallowandpedantic (06/12/2014) [-]
**shallowandpedantic rolled image** troll hard or go home
#3 - herrokitteh (06/17/2014) [-]
"troll harder"
lol sure pwned dat fgt
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