I was just kidding!. . File: -( 64 KB, 600x450, croc, jpg) has dementia thinks there' s a greendale in his living reem sits en the other side ofthe reem with a
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I was just kidding!

File: -( 64 KB, 600x450, croc, jpg)
has dementia
thinks there' s a greendale in his living reem
sits en the other side ofthe reem with a leaded shotgun
creeps the deedee the kitchen epin
Aalways sheets at Wu ifyou close it
Weeird because I always got told to close it before
hates greendale
verse every day
hates it in his house because of greendale
Essentually parents mave him to hospital
s happy
4 to visit him
s happy because there' s greendale
calls me Ivette him ens darte talkto him
kl to him and we' re discussing the greendale
starts laughing
is what he tells me
It' s great, I love it here, and I didn' t even tell the crocodile where I was going."
is what I tell him
Yeah, but I told him."
jumps out of bed looking fer his gun
hem a heart attack a few days later
Ithink I killed my grandfather. This is the first time Ne told anyone about this since it happened 8 years age.
would read again
you are a ******* evil genius
My sides man my sides.
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Submitted: 11/24/2013
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#5 - duvallwhitey (11/25/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Is THIS your grandpa?
User avatar #4 - badmotorfinger ONLINE (11/25/2013) [-]
#1 - defenestration **User deleted account** (11/24/2013) [+] (2 replies)
I'm not sure if that's really depressing or extremely funny.
#2 - squidgy ONLINE (11/24/2013) [+] (1 reply)
This makes me sad for some reason
User avatar #12 - lostdagame ONLINE (11/25/2013) [-]
>be 15
>Grandfather has demacia
>100% cooldown reduc
>never stops spinning
>MFW i have no face
User avatar #6 - mchurtstab (11/25/2013) [-]
first time through i read it as "He thinks he is a crocodile in his living room

immediately got the image of an old man laying on the floor of his living room attacking relatives that come to close
User avatar #9 - imagnetsux (11/25/2013) [-]
should've just brought a dead crocodile home one day
User avatar #7 - PenguinsOfMars (11/25/2013) [-]
My grandma has dementia and she always asks where my uncle joe is when the family is around. He died 15 years ago, nobody ever has the heart to make her relive it again by telling her.
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