I want to live. Source: medium.com/the-nib/i-want-to-live-6a40fbc76ef4. Yesterday, I realized I dont warn to die. NNW.. We I kill like I wash‘? o o W. Id been a i want to live s
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I want to live

I realized I dont
warn to die.
NNW.. We
I kill like I wash‘?
o o W. Id been a
when my Ehen mg dad when mg mom
grandmother fold me fold me
fold me
divorce glow
VOW mom because
manner was MY 99»,
line unil she ', Bl
ma goo.
mo be me
I believed her. I believed him. I believed her.
I believed that being born had
imprisoned them into a life
was poisoning feem.
Thurs new I work so hard,
If I a
mistake :
men I need
to compensate for
mg existence.
to justify being alive.
mulching movies in our rec
room was We wig . mg
laming could together
I grew up
usa' chirac Shelley
Duvet Sieve
Martin, bill norris
and Robin Williams
on rended VHA
Thea felt like extended
like distant cinnas
and uncles.
nor Him I er i..\ uneed in MN nigger
I' m mug no squeamish to
injure or pain)
Carat even
watch treasurer
a shot
mus? i.: uneed M slop ending.
lg ban
ll CA an were iwl .Amalita
suddenly; swerve
fa me.
I love mg job, I love mg community, and I love mg husband.
Abut if there were blink me out
n button I could push of existence, no
that would jdsf hesitation, I would
push it
Some months age A couple Last month
I fold mg husband I I graf back on
months We I gm
dotto wan?‘ be IR therapist, antidepressants
alive more,
l" pandog,
for the first time in 31 gears,
I diam my push that button.
I learned
Robin Williams killed himself.
I Imam I know mm his
e/ erebody mule:. Friends and
u public spycicle oi are We ones in
mourning -trm real pain.
I know I didn’ +
Feelly lance; him as
Ll real person.
but it hurts.
If hurts Haul’
gou' re nu here
and more.
If hurts flour gou
were on part of mg life
and goo purposely
ended gems.
Todai I realized that if the suicide of a stranger I never met
could feel like on personal. painful loss, how much worse would if
hurf mg own friends and lowly even more lose me?
My going B? going lo
have bad mam In push
dogs. Him swan.
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