I think this might be shopped.. . In oddfuture girls will take my quotes out , or even attribute things to me that] never said in order to justify themselves be I think this might be shopped In oddfuture girls will take my quotes out or even attribute things to me that] never said in order justify themselves
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User avatar #3 - sciencexplain
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(06/20/2014) [-]
She's one of the most idolized by loads of girls, but she was one of the worst role models. She ****** random men without any care for protection, she did drugs, smoked and only further fueled the stereotype of women as sexual objects and didn't represent women as any women would want to. She used her horrible attitude and poor intelligence to simply make herself an image of sexual desire, and that is no way that a girl should grow up following if they want to become a woman in society with respect. Girls should grow up knowing their equal rights in society and understanding that they have importance and aren't just sexual objects but people like the rest who can live their own lives and follow their own choice of career paths. I'm not advocating feminism here, mainly because I'm a guy and it's disheartening to see the destruction of such a powerful movement, but merely a man who recognises that women really are needed in society and they deserve their place like the rest.

User avatar #2 - nebuchadnezzaurus
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(06/20/2014) [-]
implying Marilyn Monroe can even be considered a good role model to begin with
User avatar #4 - butteredhamster
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(06/20/2014) [-]
She was like that partly because her mother and first husband drove home that she was only worth it if she acted that way. Her husband even convinced her to do some sexy pics for him to show off to his buddies at work. Because of the line of work she chose, she ended up having low self esteem and a drinking problem that led to her being difficult to work with and going through several miscarriages.
In no way is she a person to look up towards, but because of the type of society she lived in, her way of earning a living was the only way to prove to herself that she was worth any thing. And that sucks. I don't look up to her, but feel sad for her and other women out there that honestly think a man/society are the only opinions that matter.
No, I am not a feminist.