I stole this from 4chan. this may be one of the greatest things I ever read.... please enjoy found on /tg/ of 4chan. D Anonymous (WTT/ we 30296996 - 97704 Tour  tabletop roleplay amazing
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I stole this from 4chan

I stole this from 4chan. this may be one of the greatest things I ever read.... please enjoy found on /tg/ of 4chan. D Anonymous (WTT/ we 30296996 - 97704 Tour

this may be one of the greatest things I ever read.... please enjoy
found on /tg/ of 4chan

D Anonymous (WTT/ we 30296996 -
Tour dawn dues me great harm, t have Masked my math my a relevant stoma tnts thugs my own players have ewe when t we, nettie tale mime memo {weak We the steers-
Gene, tn been , the new door ts a short we, and t wouldnt knowwhere to BEEN wytn the tale ottowa we edwn Town and tts detente spot beast,
My own hes my awn s) , such as the glorius Damn aim to the Inanest Ever , Flanagan, the Ash Ketchum turned mm a nah antitank a
to the use , Ratting a roll so nton t gottne amaze phone numner, myine as one ' lawyers, hem to party, the Dward
who walked drunkenly down the hats mime Tomb without / , a noting morethan a CRA/ 3 Duck and , granting the Party great mime ,
a party Psychc
Later. .
D Gary oaks teeny Men (WTT/ as we 3029700
my FAVORITE? nee, wars
were be Wee , , EVER , , we enema who KILLED NARNIA anette BALLAD , constructed try Bums
These anecdotes are item my new sateen and all stem trom a grudge against e we who play when t Russet] e sexton on weekend, (army, he spent sate seester
We someting he could mete easter meek at tineye manna l so new t was mutinously otters, everyone tn we knowone that t fuck undead enemy me t returnee's
roll wytn tnts and enemy on THAT we tee often, t swede REVENGE upon nts and theaterthe twee glorius characters whiten above
tam gonna go get some water, cause you role are tn my a IRIS
D Gary oaks teeny Men (WTT/ we 30297970 - 40298854
Agydgnt, so, hat/ the my character) wytn the wow Matron thatwas "" ntm, t called entie Gnm Nanette go ahead me to my new We awayfrom tne mortal plane WM my attenti- deathone, t
Introduce my newest Now see, PM Outta heat/ My bums to see what a system ts napalm at enstien stingy not play tee many try new
ewes to Jarringly Maniax tn , t been tnts rule tewtee sake deadvengeance and mutt , and an Executioners Ace, who' s eneste may as an "everyone" neay
amoung new party mime eema, (though eema nts , wee
was a Boss Fight wt ruler mime dart realm we ourselves tn, anione meet nts awesome might enemies , the Level A , deals 243
damege tn nts Jast mend t thyme teem tee and END the We who nee e lot mete monologuing to w took my sate dart realm and used Knowledge
rule tiwtin an Iron Fst, HEM nts as ajax Camelot
we we then been a NEW , seeing as newie ineternet one [cunt]
D Gary oaks teeny Men (WTT/ 3819 we 30298103
we new game, nane a plot or" someting someting wow: Hen l my eema my revenge, as e buss snotted And so was created , enemman , who t
so much so that every 30 minates t rolled e an to determane new teem he was, and shown he he to some 321715 battens, speech, and perception mime worldfire try e complex seat's or
charts and time rolls moyete en For masons beyond me tne [Item tenet mime new party absentee my ate, andwe estem We a neerly em someting someting teese mow ' aunts were {moved try all,
edenone Flg) oters) Mouthe enema swan it reason) we we made extraordinary, tn tts ewewew, entitle , wmc) o
tentative merely e stone teem wen states teeling en en the Ede, e metal , and a large, yeyeyeye knowone the we to be tone anette second Chronicles or
Nana meme eema eeting week , t inernet must be ewe "WATT enema "UON' T PEER sow you see the memtest realm tastee l may NOT be e memtest
realm at aw my ts seethe anal don' t you dont see Anett tweleve t seel t must be ewe to the yeyeyeye " the we tanks at me wen , and glanced at nts notes t pondered
new deep Into Barnabe were meandme get as t swan' s ate At ' order, the party metal to the warcrime, wen the ' s aunts Anet's FIRMLY wen (we were estem not
to tweener carefully the and Where , em the see
D Gary oaks teeny Men (WTT/ we ,
wytn a metal name e e sank, the yeyeyeye we acetate ntm would as the yeyeyeye bottom mime ocean, and new anytihng
that door connects Wm be utterly anette realm yam a mp etma cores, tween calmly asker, my our stews , new mesh was ween
tn an , on Atone seme party the arrow, sesne
ones meted‘ He nts comrade' s battens be nortan% ust, me,
the wow nee neen eema We yest mime party wow tn onety wens to w whatever
Anonnet tennesee the appropiate got em
D Gary oaks teeny Men (WTT/ 53 as we 30298247
When sexton, we we unsent He awe that stent, WNW nary so much a phone call to warn es And so we waned aweek and l tennesee And weeks he
awe to a game, warn even a mete player events event And so we were tamed, waters, to And so Elm! settee seeds deadvengeance Dewey's tnts we players, and gathered
them tn ( amen money, t awn use new neen Muse,
Saladpuncher, Fume Ranger, t all to Outta Fume Rangers, wen may Beat enemeh Atonal we may Bears were grand , neckie try e mes wen And so en the
math week we sexton began, and our PCs , anette ' s eyes heyyey and amusement, my ntm were gathered e Fume Rangers wen may Bears And so we taught, trialing any and all
tn storm meet mt l eema tame Tune my my grandest mutton Uncounterable, tn tne depths eta mow cent, a Pit! stogy's, heme wow (the we really takes wow on t suggester's sneek past
teese trout's, autism was rolled Muse, Use Rope was ) o e neehs we another, create neehs, hem
tones we , the warm was Mont , the , the keenest Charisma etwa serve as the eema , and Dates thatway am
D Gary oaks teeny Men (WTT/ as we 30298293
elemnts conversation, anette Dyes to be new polyamorous and homesexual, and seduce e hat!!! Baum one Date "acidentally" enite we restrings, and so
the tones me unravel Dev seventeen , the Dates Bearnard's mete than e neehs, and naerme inmates quckly, t enacted my newest plan Each we tn turn used we meme grant our neay
the glorius went we w eyes gathered tn e swam square, and out w neehs Inverted e protegee sphere around es, we nefew we above, we ahead, we nenene, ammo nastee Thus was created ,
meetteh away neehs, snese core was w " owes new shapes as Hamnet, our protecting served as well, andwe Dyes
wen tnts streeter tne Mart Emlynne's try w mes, eterna we slowly elese nts notes, and my meted neehs Anett's ts the tale etma grudge we Amen
D Anonymous (WTT/ we 30298532
so, what about getting Death' s phone number’
Also, someone tnts, t We seen glorius tn anette
D Gary oaks teeny Men (WTT/ we
Ah, seen ts Mate ( Mme Tartarus' , the men, Lawful Eve ten A he, and e duke He was strange eetnog on tn e he enema moneytank,
because he ' s Jennine anette and/ -mart, , as wee Hewas atone newt
Instantly death try seme sen , anette we, Adgang, wet nane another me, t twee sirketten He asker mete etma, and t told ntm the my
hand eema my my soul, twenty mean l pull death We my spectral aims, and seduce ntm/ t momenta roll 1 natural 19, wen an nton meetteh Dunes trom a
nee eneste, that Involves neine ludicrously attracted tattered try monastery and good tanks, Death absentee my we e ktos, constructed attest estem tn my exact fakeness, tineye tiwtin my soul, and sent me Dacha
the dungeon Ammo, as tne ooze, t door, traceless naked, menu my own sown all tthen make snotto
return my corpse to my manor and have l stewed, and tn my wee tn a hymn nose tthen housed a glyph on the neek etma , the me, would emote airway used as part an
spell Anett's t ' s Wane numner
D Gary oaks teeny Men (WTT/ 35 we wmm
on By, en comming seretei , , ,
D Anonymous (WTT/ 33 we we 30298774
he wented a new call wen death
new me he end l iwantto
D Gary oaks teeny Men (WTT/ 37 as we 3. 0298854-
AND the tame t played e who hunted edwn the anttee seme and
tts the same characterless _ he eventually got bated etienne powerslave to the an newone captured ntm so he Wed Jennette the wow Matron and yen new we banetty ever atteniton Death
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