I'm a. Just thought this was funny.. l' Upload Strutt H. Jo i . 11 Friends (fl) Fave (fl) Subs Cl) (l) Frets I an Anyone woo believes mg are being by content er
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I'm a

Just thought this was funny.

l' Upload Strutt H. Jo i . 11 Friends (fl) Fave (fl) Subs Cl) (l) Frets
I an Anyone woo believes mg are being by content er comment pesants at tut. mat were me mes can submit an Cayuse Ewen
if at _ A:: om/ contact/ . To be considered, an Abuse Ewen must identify the allegedly abusive content er comment, and refer to the Community
H Guidelines allegedly violated For more information, review the RI Community Guidelines _ -cem*' ceam. gty' gm . es/.
K. & Anyone who is a er the agent of a whose creations appear without consent on Fl. can submit a content removal request
C Visitor Agreement
Visitor Agrees:
i T". I am over the age of eighteen.
E. I have m objection to viewing unmoderated and uncensored media content, and agree that my sole remedy is to step viewing
ID. I agree that my use of RI is subject to all of the disclaimers of warranties and liability set forth below at Section Edi; below, and that any and all disputes arising between
the Operater and myself will be subject to the Dispute Resolution provisions of this Agreement set forth in paragraph 45 below.
D. User Notifications
I 1. Users have a User Profile that records User activity. Users can control several features of the Profile, including whether other Users can view the User Profile, and
whether to accept Personal Messages item other Users. Users agree to familiarize themselves with the Profile settings and exercise control over their Profile settings.
12. Users can "friend" and accept other Users as friends. Users are not obliged to accept any other Users as friends. Refusing afriend request will not notify the other User
of your refusal-
13. Users are all included in a rankling system that records various indexes of their participation on Users may not ppt out of this rankling system, and accept the rankling
T system as ffeature of The ratings are solely for the sake of entertainment, and will not be the basis of any allocations of privilege er compensation. User agrees that the
ratings have m monetary value er equivalent, and that User will never to make any claim against RI er any other User based on the rankings system.
M 14. RI utilizes cookies. and User their on their laments er dessuten cementers. Cookies are further explained in the Privacy Policy -
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#2 - randomninerolls ONLINE (07/12/2014) [-]
**randomninerolls rolls 996,098,633**
#5 - randomrolling (11/25/2014) [-]
**randomrolling rolled user admin **
**randomrolling rolled user admin **
#1 - youlikeme (07/12/2014) [+] (2 replies)
**youlikeme rolled image**
I don't even know what that means
#4 to #1 - anonymous (07/14/2014) [-]
Pretty sure it means your not alowed to not so good lady about my big tittied mommy, and since it's in the ToS, that would make it a bannable offense
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