I like rats. . lain: his rah
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#5 - sacredfart (06/28/2014) [-]
I'd tap that rat
User avatar #3 - imyourdaddy (06/28/2014) [-]
I thoroughly enjoyed jersey shore...
User avatar #2 - makomirocket ONLINE (06/28/2014) [-]
Ron Stoppable  Naked Mole Rap damn that was still is a good show
User avatar #6 - YllekNayr (06/28/2014) [-]
Oh gosh..........last night I unfortunately watched the Roast of Donald Trump on Comedy Central.........and for some reason The Situation was one of the roasters. He was so terrible the audience went quiet, and then started booing him.
#4 - Absolute Madman (06/28/2014) [-]
op and his repost
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