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#12 - jackassalope
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(11/13/2013) [-]
Pessimism is assuming a worst case scenario the majority of the time.

Realism is making the best conclusion possible based on the information given.

If you have information leading you to conclude that a bad outcome is coming, its not pessimism. If you assume that bad **** is going to happen without evidence, its not realism. Not even if you turn out to be right.

Even if you assume that there is a natural bias for ****** things to happen, things can and do go the other way. Taking wild guesses if the outcome will be bad is not realism.

The only person i know who says "I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist" is my dad who is the biggest ******* pessimist I know. He assumes that everyone is out to **** everyone else, and that the only thing stopping people from stealing and murdering is the justice system.

TL;DR: Assuming that pessimism is the "realist" view because the world is just that **** is the highest form of pessimism possible.