I know it's you Onion... Onion?. Oh , it's not onion, RUN!. Girls take selfie before robbery Tweenage girl from Sweden has tipped police off to a robbery she co
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I know it's you Onion... Onion?

Oh **** , it's not onion, RUN!

Girls take selfie before robbery
Tweenage girl from Sweden has tipped police off
to a robbery she committed after taking a selfie on
her phone that showed her posing with a knife.
In the photo which was taken shortly before the robbery of a
restaurant in Sweden, the 15 yearsold and another
girl pose in front ofa balaclavas and hoodies.
Not long after, staff at the Max Hamburgers restaurant
reported a robbery's police, describing two young girls in
balaclavas and armed with a kitchen knife ran in demanding
Swedish newspaper reports that one ofthe girls
threatened the knife, screaming: "Hand
money- Open the cash machine or I will cut you_"
A male employee told police that one ofthe girls waved the
knife centimetres from his body.
Terrified staff handed over a stash offish and the pair ran off.
It took police just " minutes to track down the pair to a
nearby unit where they found two balaclavas, and the
girl' s mobile phone which contained 'a large number' of
photographs ofthe two girls.
As well as the photo ofthe girls posing in hoods and with
knives, others contained instructions on howto commit a
robbery and howto escape detection afterwards.
The incriminating same of the girl and her
unidentified friend. (Haakstad Police}
The phone also contained a photo offish they stole from the restaurant.
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#1 - anonymous (08/24/2014) [-]
Yup this was all over sweden couple of years ago, people laughed like **** at those two retarded girls. I think they just got a fine for it, which is wrong but still.
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