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#288 - pandawarlord ONLINE (02/12/2014) [-]
Wat... I've been a member for 3 years and never knew this.
User avatar #305 to #288 - duvallwhitey (02/12/2014) [-]
You probably know, but Admin likes to change the anonymous name to silly things every once in awhile
User avatar #320 to #305 - thempc (02/12/2014) [-]
he changes his name sometimes too, i remember one time last year for like 2 weeks whenever you typed the word admin in a comment it was automatically changed to "Darius Negrophallus"
User avatar #321 to #320 - duvallwhitey (02/12/2014) [-]
Oh I love it when he does that sometimes
User avatar #323 to #321 - thempc (02/12/2014) [-]
i think around that time he changed the anon name toan angry black man
User avatar #324 to #323 - thempc (02/12/2014) [-]
*to an
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