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User avatar #6 - toastaofdoom (10/31/2013) [-]
what is this from
User avatar #11 to #6 - nebuchadnezzaurus (10/31/2013) [-]
It's Akinator, an online program where you think of a person (imaginary or real) and it tries to guess who you're thinking of based on your answers to several questions. The more obscure the character, the more questions it usually takes, but I guarantee you'll be surprised at how it will guess correctly most of the time
User avatar #19 to #11 - iamnuff (10/31/2013) [-]
heh, I just beat it with Junko from Ichiban no Daimaou.

it guessed Saeko Busujima from High-school of the dead instead.
User avatar #23 to #19 - nebuchadnezzaurus (10/31/2013) [-]
Well, it doesn't know EVERY single anime character ever, but it works with even moderately well-known characters.
User avatar #24 to #23 - iamnuff (10/31/2013) [-]
it managed to guess most of the ones i guessed, but it got slightly wrong on a couple of them.

like guessing Aoi from Beelzebub instead of Setsuna.

both long-haired/dark-haired swordswoman students from anime who fight monsters, both from anime.

that said, it got Makoto from Love Hina in the first ten questions, and she's exactly the same character type.
#7 to #6 - Absolute Madman (10/31/2013) [-]
After cross referencing my extensive logs on the internet, encyclopedias world wide, experts and the title of this piece, I have derived that it comes from Akinator.

[spoiler] Here's a link. en.akinator.com/[/spoiler]
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