"I could kill for a burger.". .. thats why we need to lock up all the cheeseburgers funny america Murica Food
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#5 - nekaz (03/22/2014) [+] (1 reply)
thats why we need to lock up all the cheeseburgers
User avatar #7 - mountaindewkie (03/23/2014) [-]
I feel embarrassed to be from the place this happened
User avatar #4 - tarnis (03/22/2014) [-]
Idk ill bet those starving africans would something similar.
#3 - whobobwhatpants ONLINE (03/22/2014) [-]
a mate of mine got mugged for his cheese burger in London, but not stabbed.
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#1 - anonymous (03/22/2014) [-]
there will be a boyz in the hood pic somewhere that should be relavent to this
#8 - spceinvdr (03/23/2014) [+] (2 replies)
I wanted to stab someone over a cheeseburger; but not for the reason you think.

>Get on my lunch break
> **** I'm hungry, like I'm shaking I'm so hungry
>roll into the McDonalds parking lot
>takes FOR ******* EVER to get through the drive through
>people are jerking off in their car or on their phone, take as long as possible
>near the pay window
>Bitch in her beanermobile is in front of me
>bitch takes forever to count out her money in COINS
>has to open her door on her *********** to pay, windows don't work
>car has ****** rims, but no working windows
>dem priorities
>finally she ******* pays

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