I agree, your life sucks. . Today, my boyfriend and I were out cliff jumping, when for the first time, he told me he loved me. I panicked and pushed him over th
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I agree, your life sucks

Today, my boyfriend and I were out cliff
jumping, when for the first time, he told me
he loved me. I panicked and pushed him
over the edge and into the water. He' s new
in hospital. FML
On the eerie at was PM ,
Today, after years of counseling and therapy
for my anger issues, I snapped. Two words:
Happy Bird. Flak
40944 I agree, yew life sucks In 186
Unknown On the eerie at 10: 18 AM 6
Today, my girlfriend and I were quite drunk
while we were feeling around en the cetch,
when I decided I wanted to less my virginity
to her. I was two thrusts in when she burst
out laughing. Leeking down, I realized I was
between her cheeks and the cetch cushion,
I lest my virginity to her couch. Firm
Q 01 en the 4/ 13/ 09 at 11: 11 PM If
Today, I took the bus to work and a sweet
old lady got on after me and sat next to me.
Halfway to work, she fell asleep and her
head was on my shoulder. Trying to be nice,
I gently tried to wake her up before my stop
came. She wasn' t sleeping. I leta dead
weman lie on me for 30 minutes. FML
teli' k I agree, your life sucks In 849
Caroline en the werekat at was AM @
Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend,
When he was about to orgasm, he
screamed "Yes Brittany!" at the top of his
lungs. My name' s not Brittany. That' s his
sister. FML
I agree, your life sucks
the 3
bittersweet On the ewes at was PM l?
Today, I tested my boyfriend saying "Hi." His
response: "I got year best friend pregnant".
if l_ Am_ The_ Edge On the wires at 1: 06 PM It
Today, I was at the park when I saw a
homeless man sleeping on a bench. I
thought it weild be funny to threw a small
reek at him. He thought it would be funny to
pull cut his knife and chase meter six
blacks. Flirt
You deserved it
cf On the sees at res PM (ill
Today, I had drunk sex with a girl that I
barely know. I didn' t have a condem and
was nerve's about getting her pregnant, but
she assured me that I cerld pull out. Right
when I was about to pull out, she wrapped
her legs around me and yelled, "BE MY
BABY' S DADDY!" I couldnt get out in time.
dagree, your lite sucks .' 1 661
You deserved it
Today, I forgot do my French homewerk,
but since it was an inline worksheet, I told
my teacher my internet wasn' t weaking. I
told her with an femail. FML
58401 .1139
You deserved it
if Tourist On the seems at 4: 19 AIM ,
Today, while at the Golden Gate Bridge, I
spotted a large group of Asians trying to
take a picture. Trying to help, I slowly say,
Wee... want me... take picture'?" while using
hand metiers. The man leeks at me and
says, "No thanks asshole, I got it," in plain
English. FML
You deserved it
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Submitted: 03/05/2014
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User avatar #1 - kennyh (03/06/2014) [+] (9 replies)
What algorithm do these people use to decide these people "deserve it."
#12 to #1 - Omnomnomynous (03/06/2014) [-]
I mean
If you threw a rock at a homeless you're a dick come on
User avatar #37 - strangemoo (03/06/2014) [+] (2 replies)
...You can lose your virginity to a couch?
I'll just be in the other room...
#26 - deltoraquest (03/06/2014) [+] (4 replies)
so everyones pissed at flappy bird and I'm just sitting here playing super hexagon
so everyones pissed at flappy bird and I'm just sitting here playing super hexagon
User avatar #6 - shunk (03/06/2014) [+] (7 replies)
You did absolutely no work on this comp. you literally took a screen shot and posted it up here. OP is a faggot of all faggots. Excellent ******* job not giving any credit to www.fmylife.com. l live long and go **** yourself.
User avatar #8 to #6 - YllekNayr (03/06/2014) [-]
Actually he copied it from funsubstance, whatever that is.
#52 - blizzeh (03/06/2014) [+] (2 replies)
How can anyone think it's okay to throw rocks at homeless people? 						************					 should've gotten shanked real good
How can anyone think it's okay to throw rocks at homeless people? ************ should've gotten shanked real good
User avatar #40 - twentytwelve (03/06/2014) [-]
And on that day Chang was proud he learned the one phrase he needed to troll every American on his vacation.
User avatar #54 - mrsaytan (03/06/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Yesterday I was murdering people on the streets with my shotgun. I was arrested and taken to jail. FML.
User avatar #21 - dehnoobshow ONLINE (03/06/2014) [+] (25 replies)
The one where the woman wrapped her legs around him....
Why did he deserve that ******** ?
Am I missing something here?
User avatar #41 to #21 - ninjawildcat (03/06/2014) [-]
He ****** a random drunk stranger without a condom. He doesnt deserve to become a dad bc of it but he is still an idiot.
User avatar #19 - hawaiianhappysauce (03/06/2014) [-]
So if a guy has sex with a couch... he is no longer a virgin? Hmmm...
User avatar #18 - neutrality ONLINE (03/06/2014) [-]
Guy at Top< " Today I decided to take my girlfriend out for a fun date cliff jumping cause i had finally worked up the courage to tell her I love her. When I said it she pushed me off a cliff into the water. I'm in the hospital now. FML
#51 - recognize ONLINE (03/06/2014) [+] (1 reply)
At the Golden Gate Bridge... really? there's a million Asians that live in San Francisco, what are you a tourist.
#22 - rufflezrgood ONLINE (03/06/2014) [+] (1 reply)
#62 - hightimessss (03/06/2014) [-]
Random girl: &quot;BE MY BABIES DADDY&quot; Me: NO NO K.O.!
Random girl: "BE MY BABIES DADDY" Me: NO NO K.O.!
User avatar #55 - jalthelas (03/06/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Yesterday I was running 20 kilos of cocaine across the border, and BP caught me. FML
#16 - Womens Study Major (03/06/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Third from bottom.
#75 to #16 - analbreach (03/06/2014) [-]
Fifth from the top
Fifth from the top
User avatar #60 - olias (03/06/2014) [-]
the last one gave me cringes hard
User avatar #15 - funnaa (03/06/2014) [-]
it seems like the guy from the top one should be the one saying fml
#67 - jordanish (03/06/2014) [-]
How can anyone think that someone deserves having a person literally die on them or be told that their significant other cheated via text?
#17 - porksammich (03/06/2014) [-]
The Karate Kid clip 'Dude, I'm From Detroit' The Golden Gate Bridge Asian one reminded me of this scene from The inferior, but **** , Jackie Chan was in it and that was good enough for me to watch it Karate Kid
User avatar #3 - josephvstalin ONLINE (03/06/2014) [+] (3 replies)
where can i get more of this?
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