How to control dreams. . Lucid Dreaming Basics wwy Dreamviews com This information is straight out of Dream Views, but less thorough. Von should realy go to Dre How to control dreams Lucid Dreaming Basics wwy Dreamviews com This information is straight out of Dream Views but less thorough Von should realy go Dre
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How to control dreams

Lucid Dreaming Basics wwy Dreamviews com
This information is straight out of Dream Views, but less thorough. Von
should realy go to Dream Views, it has everything you need, and a great
Reasons for Lu id Dreaming:
Doing anything you want:
The most obvious and possibly most appering reason for Luau Dreaming, is the any to do anything that you could
possibly imagine. I don' t think I have to delve any deeper into this.
Social Practice:
The any to simulate awkward situations in your dream, and practice making it through them. If you' re not good at
tanking to people, yin. can practice being the me of the party, or being the most popular guy around. If you' re
nervous about asking somebody out on a date, yin. could practice it in your dream. Maybe you' got a big
presentation coming up at your job, you' got the idea.
stopping Nightmares:
Luau Dreams could be used to stop reccuring dreams/ nightmares. If yin. have a nightmare that yin. keep having
every night, than yin. can use Reality Checks against it. say your Nightmare is you being chased by a giant dog. If
you train yourself to do a Reality Check every time you see a dog in waking me, then Wu w: eventualy do it in your
nightmare when Wu see the dog. once Wu maize you' re dreaming, then Wu can Dream Spin out of the nightmare
into a less scary, mine lucid dream. Then Wu can do whatever Wu Ike.
Basics Of How To Lucid Dream:
Here, I w: explain how to do the DILD (Dream Induced Luau Dream), which is the most simple method of Luau Dreaming. This is the
best starting point for beginners. If Wu want mine friable, but advanced techniques, then go to the forums of Dream Views.
Dream Rena
Before getting into Luau Dreaming, you have to be able to remember your dreams every night. Everybody has multiple dreams every
single night. to do this, you have to keep a Dream Journal.
Every night as you' re fang asleep, you should repeat to yourself in your head "E w: wake up after every dream." unli you fan
asleep. If you do this, then you should wake up after each dream, so that you can write them down in a notebook. once you wake
up from a dream, make sure that you don' t move, because that w: make it harder to remember your dream. Just it: there and try to
remember as much as you can from the dream, and then you can turn over and write them down.
Dream Signs:
Dream Signs are things that show up in a lot of your dreams. After you' re at the point where you' re remembering multiple dreams
every night, and you' got a lot of dreams written down, you should look for these. Read through your dreams that you' written
down. See inthere are any things that happen in most, if not " of your dreams. For example, my Dream Si n is my friend Jain.
Jain shows up in a lot of my dreams. so that means that every time I see Jasmin waking me, I should do a Reality Check (see the
Lucid Dreaming Terms section for an explanation). If you do a Reality Check every time you see your Dream Sign, then eventualy
you should do it in your dream. If that happens, then you' I be maize that you' re dreaming, and become luau.
Stabb g your dream:
once you re aware that you' re dreaming, it' s possible that you might wake up if you' re over excited. once you maize that you' re
dreaming, then you should take a moment to calm down and take a look around. Look dzsdr at your hands, get down on the ground
and smel the grass, grab something and taste it. Do whatever you can to use " of your senses. once you calm down and do
something for " of your senses, your dream should be dearer, and should last longer. vou' re now in a stable Luau Dream, do
whatever you Ike.
Reality Checks That You can Do:
Nose Pinch - Pinch your nose shut, and try to breathe out of it. In waking me you won' t be able to breathe through it. In a dream, you
w: st: be able to breathe through your nose even though it' s pinched shut.
Text Test - Text often changes in dreams. For this main check, you have to look at some text (for instance: A digital dock) and see if
it changes. Ifit doesn' t, then look away and look back at it, and see ifit changes then. Ifit changes, then you' re dreaming.
These next to are less friable then the Nose Pinch and the Text Test:
The Mirror Test - Look into a mirror. During a dream, the image should become distorted. For example, maybe you have the head of a
dog, or you have someone else‘: face.
The Hand Test - Look at your hands. In your dream, you may have extra lingers.
Lucid Dream Terms:
Reality Checking: The act of checking whether or not you are dreaming. These should be done
throughout the day. Even if you know you' re awake, sti do them every time you remember to, or when
you see something strange, or out of place. If doing Reality Checks during waking life becomes a habit,
than eventually they will be done at random during a dream, which will then turn your dream into a lucid
dream. For several Reality Checks that you can do, see the bottom of the page, over on the left.
Dream Spin g: The act of closing your eyes and spin ing in a circle during a Lucid Dream. once you
open your eyes, things will be clearer, and you may be transported from where you were to somewhere
else. This should be done your dream is starting to fade and you feel like you' re going to wake up, so
that you can continue dreaming. It can also be done if you' re in a nightmare, and want to get away from
whatever it is you' re scared of.
Dream Journal: The journal in which you write down all of your dreams
Dream Signs: Things that often show up in your dreams.
but has some flaws in it. I' ll point out the flaws here.
This method of Lucid Dreaming is known as the WILD, or
wake Induced Lucid Dream."
This image is often posted on
Getting Started:
Sana ser" that sonic foods or Emigration _ T
will enduce lucid dreaming. although it may be
assole, l [mind this is the quickest Tto' for someone to begin lucid
on the first "taet.
The WILD should be attempted after qay hours of sleep,
or in the middle of the afternoon in a nap. Not when you
usually go to sleep at night.
Lay do... to go to sleep, this torts best if you are extremely tired. z? you don' t have to be on Four back. Just get in a
Lay on your back with Limoges close, my comfortable position.
P' Erl" ‘ STILL. You must stay awake. lair brain sill send stands to
your body to see if Wu are ready to sleep These signals include
getting up itch, sludge your body position ranting to blink or move
Your eyeballs (remember your eyes should be closed}. VOL HIST
ILL or THESE INLETS liter about will Pollutes you will feel ti weight
on your chest. _ Emil not rend noises. You are not in sleep _ _
C your At some point during your WILD attempt you will begin to
see "Hypnagogic Hallucinations", which are strange
colors you see and sounds that you hear. At one point,
these colors and/ or sounds will dissapear. That means
that you' re dreaming, and you' re seeing the back of your
dream eyelids. Open your eyes, you' re dreaming.
Don' t open your eyes until you are positive you are
tr% - loll Kill girlly
tut. are and can um (nth some practice) control yum
vet that you are lucid dreaming there are a in tricks to:
l. check to we if you in 'creaming
B. Stay Tillie fully were Yul are dreaming
Lion can do ll Ter things in u drown to test and see if you are
You can flip H light witch, Floppier , light witch till rter' Cr turn on
it light. last ! the times it does nothing.
Another tiling to do is look in a mirror. . -., Von can see yourself in the mirror in dreams, but the
image will become distorted. If the image changes, then
once you have done this, you have Confirmed on are d. retelling, and not that will confirm that you' re dreaming.
have control over your dreams.
The best method (l found) to stey asleep and dreaming is to Spin in ll
circle (in Your dream). This part of the brain sill In kc all of the
attention any from taking up and not you sill be into a DEEP sleep.
Your mind will not actively try to wake you up, but if
you' re over excited about Lucid Dreaming, you may
get too excited and wake up. Take a moment to calm
yourself before you continue with your dream.
Lucid Dreaming Resources:
wwy. Dreamviews. com - This site has all the basics of Lucid Dreaming, and a
great forum full of tutorials for more advanced techniques.
the Dream Views official tutorial for the WILD.
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