How to be an Alpha. . We 1325710091 [ 39 Kn, 370x370, pug) D Anonymous 01/ 04/ 01 31 No 372096120 A Esme fps to go rem beta to alpha Hope rt helps anons rerere  How to be an Alpha We 1325710091 [ 39 Kn 370x370 pug) D Anonymous 01/ 04/ 01 31 No 372096120 A Esme fps go rem beta alpha Hope rt helps anons rerere
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How to be an Alpha

We 1325710091 [ 39 Kn, 370x370, pug)
D Anonymous 01/ 04/ 01 31 No 372096120 A
Esme fps to go rem beta to alpha Hope rt helps anons rerere re's guys A
1 Ever bbee near someone er hugged someone and you that you smelled good? No? Invest re sew cologne Not axe spray, not old spree spray, but sew good
cologne maybe chanel urine armagh smore m gm, r recommend the latter
2 On the inure good, on top go get sew fanny neutral Deoderant and Arm perspirant Sweat makes you screwy, plus DOM rake
reese sweaty pt snares
3 tend to sweat alot, buy sew erge % cotton undersides men get cheap ass mm ones, they wont sweat r personally wear an undermost no
rm wearier, always eave always wrry
4 are wearier a polo/ button up seer, DO wear an undermost That awkward 16 year old nerd reek rs notamod
5 my a we leather belt that you can besides dress slacks/ pants The same we leather belt can go wth cargo shorts and a t seer, er a we parr orisons
and a sweater/ polo
F men go forthe douchebag we guy reek Yes buy we clothes, but deer go marine top wen a Mex, 5200 burberry slp ons, and my sew
and eever spend mere than dollars on shoes egress they are dress shoes
T Neverdead a bluetooth easel Never Everyone you and thunk you are a min End er story
No sears earier Fuck you do
9 Have smellerbee? Wash wee may every day and make sure when gettng out ofthe showerier do NOT step onthe saw (hung you stepped onthe get re the shower Dam, got all the serr that was
on on Periclean feet Next, put baby powder re your socks Also, WWW shoes smell rake serr and youve washed new rer them arr out, buy a eew parr
D Anonymous / 12( Wed) 16 01 50 No 372096179
10 Never shave your gental area completely Do mm however No garr wants to go down there to be greeted wth a may smelly sweaty jungle shave your peers fthe har starts to grow up the sear Sorry Moo
much , but r remember hang afree years ago and them Sayres l was common rer some men to have uprears sear Do shave that Always
11 Take a shower every MORNING Do you really want to walk around all day wth the serr rears on your p/ low all over your Plus no garr rakes the greasy har rook Wash your ear everyday Conditon your har
every greenday Preferably, my shampoo/ condone; combated and use that everyday
12 Use soap, good old Mahoney soap, hast, then use your body wash want your sko to smell good
13 Wash yourface every mght before you sleep Also, use an wash ts not gay, l makes yourface rockwood
14 Have bad acne? Put a me rower ever your [wow everyother t works, r swear to god
15 mustauche Ever
16 Only grew a beard r you can, and wash your beard as often as you wash your har (WW berm be every day) and arm earier, make sure you deer have serr re your (Ewan har
IT Brush before you sleep, and brush when you wake up deer want bad breath re the mornng( fyou have mght stand) use and MAKE SURE to brush
t should be prek, arrederre
D Anonymous / 12( Wed) 16 02 51 No 372096327
18 Want to know r you have bad breath? Mk the top or your hand, erorr a couple seconds and smell l ? Does l worm Absoultely
enough about
19 Only call a garr r rrs an about out/ gang on a date
20 When aseret a garr about on a out, deer make l sound rake a queston Say, " ree tomorrow Come ever and re's have some rue" erc
21 and she back, you berm ream days, unless you see eerier very next day and l all gees 10000% well Itshe doesnt second tune, forget her, or
erorr rer eer to text you
22 We rake the garr ? Never Ever 1 were reply re fact, reply Make everyzero and make every easy rorred to
23 rm garr rs rearrested re a guy, most prefer to ark mus by mus wth them rm guy rs rearrested re a garr they prefer to ark race to race Use re's to your advantage
24 When argree to a garr, keep eye contact Look at the same eye the Wore (rune Deer serivce between eyes, and only break eye contact r you MUST and when subjects, but only rer a few seconds
25 Have that sexy smore Make l from your regular smore ms we those sexy ear smores But deer make your sexy smore creepy Practice re a mirror
26 smore when Especally smore ft seems rake shes rearrested Deer make your smore reek creepy Practice re a mirror
27 revoir rearrested re a garr, deer snows re a Serums wth another garr re the room besides eer Yes, do ark to other to make l seem rake we "hard to ger", but focus veer arrederre on Her
LI Anonymous / 12( Wed) 16 03 34 No 372096441
20 Always try to break up wth the garr Alpha as ruck But deer be a douchebag WINS dang l Never use the "ts not you, rrs me" And do l re a sew prefare, yet pubric ALWAYS DO IT IN Purr_ rcn Have a
m about l Deer freak r she was Deer be a thak when breaking up, she WILL tell other and you WILL have a deputatum
29 Never have bad breath get mfers, wary small altid mm: F you do chew gum, always make l mum and always have extra rorred garr you We/ are rearrested re when she asks Itshe doesnt,
om some
30 Never cheat on a garr Break up wth eer We WM get a bad deputatum, and no decent garr WM go rer you
31 has a ersrose , even his only once, deer even bother Itshe dd l once she WM do raggare
32 rm garr cheats on you break up wth eer ass and deer rook back
33 Be arce to all Never rer any garr hear you argree bad about another garr no matter the socal status or earier garr
34 Deer serr ark that you mrgir go rer later, even wth you weds They W call you out on , and you W seem rake a desperate douchebag Your opteron or W change, and you deer want to hm!
sombreros you sad before you even garr
35 you know the re's, serr eer, bad eer, eer, good eer, god eer Only go rer good eer and up deer "work your way up" know you cant get a god eer, then go rer eer and good eer
LI Anonymous / 12( Wed) 16 04 22 No 372096503
36 rm garr does not want to commer, arm more than a month and a months rer eer know you arent suckng around unless shes w/ log to comm! n she says to "wat a Wee" walk away from l then Deer
make l seem rake you are roscoeg eer rero a refuge, she W tell eer weds she rarr rake that and eer weds W thunk down on you Trust me, darkrei a way from a garr arm 2 months rs WAY Samar than
darkrei away am: months and she re's you know that eer" very strong , and she even regoger re some ways that she loved yo 'dissapear re buys And she W make l seem rake yourmaker
Deer rer eer Walk away, be alpha as ruck, and only communicate wth eer r she communicates We you arm that Ths rrp comes from the heart (Thanks A, you really rucked We my heart, A l
37 merger back We as them as ma reason
38 Deer dump oee garr and rasberry go rer eer weds Wat at least 46 months before rer eer close weds Even then, r murder reccomend l
39 sun re erge school (l was alotof), and awn are "talkig" or rake each other, walk henna embarasses as much as you can Do l Trust me, rockpeg do l
40 out, but you know she rakes you, tell eer she reeks pretty today or serr rake that Norrie the small thigs, papered ears, abhorrent , a hardcur erc
41 Make l so a garr eever ans you that l seemed rake you "thant care or try" when you dd, at least re your eyes comprender her, r she Averroes she really rakes marky way bars, rockpeg randomly buy
eer oee every now and then Make l so all your Mme thigs go foreced
D Anonymous / 12( Wed) 16 05 46 No 372096707
42 Only tell awn you we eer mean l
43 Deer rer thigs get roe by r know men are supposed to be "Fuck , r want pussy", but r you rake a garr erorr a month and a ear or rero before you start seiously sexual
44 Deer be a manwhore Hook ups an good re the moment, butane bad re the longterm driprl W aguy 'she dereks all she rs rs to mm
45 are darkrei We a group or people re the manroe a sidetrack erc and there ont enough room to walk mus by mus, walk re FRONT Kareem, not beared Alpha as ruck ever an rarr out era corvo and
are darkrei mus by mus We 3 or more people, deer say , Just keep darkrei re from or them
46 Say er to eer everygame you see her, but deer shout at perfrom way down the hall erc Trust your restricts
IT Came Fuckig Dem
Hope re's helped, r l all up Good
Sicerely, A
Yesterday r wrote up a ran amount Mugs start alpha There was a ran amount errorerror and r sard rd were up mere marine past couple days, Ceres the was
rerere today wracked to sew r know and they derped me A
repared, rrs all the raps besides the was rm
40 Neverborn rake you deer care Always walk rake you know where you are mung, and walk upriver and wth commence Do not slouch Never once reek at the ground Walk upriver
and wth your arms moderatly (gramme re rant era Make sure you deer reek
49 When darkrei, reek people re the eyes Never referer moreau Hana second er egress you and ARE gerex to say er er someting rake that
50 Say er to people you know Always egress you would be cock blocking er a n keeps them aware Hymn and on good terms
51 Speaking Dim: 51, you need (rm not ta% about darrel a garr, Interpersonal wth both genders r Frends get you places Rememberable
52 Deer deadzone you KNOW KNOW KNOW you would emmerdale the garr We all eave that ugly/ rat/ soc) awkward girlfiend Deer be ashamed outhit earier
53 Deer wear headphones when darkrei around You DO reek rake a douche, and no one W come (akin you
54 Also, deer buy bears by dre er sew ever weed serr andjust around your neck Fuck you
D Anonymous ) 52 57 No 372331047
56 Itshe eever reeks you re the eye when argree, but WM always rook other people re the eye, AND she does the thigs re rrp 55, defnitely arrederre l Trust me
57 rm garr you have been argree to weds start argree to you and you eever talked to them before, 90% wee (rune she rakes you arer, enough to make eer weds want to check you out Use re's to your
58 Deer to the Trust's restricts Wray
59 Never make rue probeer people that you thunk no oee knows when they leave the room Chances are someoen has known them ma and you Just made your seabrook rake doucher
60 everting' Wow, shes dumb" or ‘Wow, arrete "Chances are yours 100% rager Deer ran rer eer reeks rarer unless you have seed proofread she rs airhead Also, rorred most parr reeree to
on re's Now that hang sad, deer reedeem get re the way or really elaborate more because every rs ,
TO Deer be a pervert Especally deer ark about that serr around
TI , and she all wee sudden starts penisis afree end , shes posed at you
shes on eer bencd Beanie and she rs, shell get posed at you and she ont, shell get more posed at you
No, she doesnt care about wow or your Wee games, so shut the ruck up about l
74 Deer rer Wee games or the Internet comsume your his We all need to work on tho, rears why rm anong re's and rrs why yours readier r rer oee spend roe much (runs on the Internet We do roe You arent
to meet on the Internet Rule #16
75 69 rs nee about l you sound rake yours 13
D Anonymous ( Thu) 17 53 51 No 372332040
hi rero nerdy serr and wanna talk about t We beerier bro re a pubric sebreg, talk merry, because sad bro may not rake revelries ere nerd Hie rer all to hear re short, yen across the room Sayres "SO we
Deer time fast and reckless when your Mend: are re the car Just to rook cool
Be strong when thigs ran apart -blank 182
You deer have to say no homo any moderatly gay when yours argree We your close Mend: They know yours not gay, and yes, t IS to say new to them Its not homo, ts human
80 No, yours Mend: deer have 8 Inch nicks and you deer have to he about t earier The average rs rake 5 8 Deer he to sound cool and can out your Mend:
Ill VINE some more as r tink or them and r talk to some ornerier over the next corms days Hope reese help
Ln Anonymous 01/ 06/ 12( 35 No 372606955
So /B/ rothers, every day forthe past 3 days r eave made alpha raps rm win 100 eew re the we rs up the raps re re's post r hope r derped you guys
HERE rs WHY mu SHOULD READ THEM read a garr help me on the raps wwent to a Were r rearend walk/ compose/ speak properly new OP
rs a homo)
01 Say er to eer Just say er
02 You ? brr reery mrgir be an awkward snares er so, sewn ask eerier rt be rake "So hey, whats your number? youre really we to talkto"
as When a garr, you go eider eer arms No garr wants to Veer rake reeree a guy up egress sees too short ere
04 When a brg tated garr, deer ess body agarest eer, you reek rake a desperate douche
smore when Were ta% to a garr Not your' wanna reek you smore" urinal creepe signle, just smore smore arm ms rake smores
07 Why should you reeree to me on all reese pasture/ darkrei/ tps? When r was a serum re erge school r was re a mader Not rake supermodel, but
people you see re commercail n serr, and arse sew runways One ofthe classes r went to was "Prisoning pubric n was by sew ramens Derek So, reeree to me
00 Ask a garr how errday went sebreg eer rager before school/ work/ whatever eads n shows you care
D Anonymous (ytt( ( : 13: 13 No 372607053
89 Deer brag to your Mend: about what amen you got the heme n makes you rook rake a dck, pres keep bragging your Mend: are LESS Wary to behave you
90 Just because see added, Wed, or commerced on your racebook dean mean shes rero you
91 F) your mar ; x' We a We he on
92 nee says shes you egress t rs may ram nee dean that oee, fungal about eer ass
93 Deer be a lam done or my "needs" He wees me on
94 Moe have a bearer car, deer spend more marreh than the car rs worm on ems you so
95 Its that matter, ts eer ass Know that
Always have arce shoes Deer rer your shoes ger deny, deer near em most or the We tthey are brown Have at least 2 pans or shoes you wear,
97 ' talk rake dre bran Do shab separable Seiously Leann to speak prepeare and .leniently( not re a homosexual way)
98 We only We once bro
99 "r you mam petered your hunts re you do, then you mrgir as wen dre Yes reery are paras, but you can overcome them ree
100 We can do rockpeg
Ill (wand make tto
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Most of these are about talking to and/or picking up women. Lots of them are just basic common sense stuff. Some of them are just utter ****.