Hot Tubs. Source: imgur subscribe for more "Hot Water" is the first episode and season premiere of the eighth season of the animated comedy series Ame Elena Baltacha WWE Extreme Rule In the Flesh star wars
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Hot Tubs

Source: imgur
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"Hot Water" is the first episode and season premiere of the eighth season of the animated comedy series American Dad!. It was aired by Fox on September 25, 2011.

This episode, narrated by Cee Lo Green, is a parody of Little Shop of Horrors. Stressed out by his family and his obligations, Stan allows Principal Lewis to take him shopping for a hot tub at the Little Shop of Hot Tubs. Stan is drawn to a used hot tub in the store's back room that the salesman, Margarite, tries to talk him out of purchasing. Stan ignores him, buying the hot tub and taking it home with him. There, he learns that the hot tub can talk, tempting Stan into using it (Dip a Toe). This eventually leads to him and Francine having their most intense sex ever (Hot Tub of Love).

Francine starts to worry about the hot tub's effect on Stan, and orders him to stay out of it. That night, the tub draws Stan to it, leading Francine to give Stan an ultimatum: the tub or her (Do Whatever You Like). When Stan chooses the tub, Francine packs the rest of the family and leaves for her parents' house (Daddy's Gone). Still unable to shake his suspicions about the hot tub, Margarite investigates its past, learning that it came alive after being struck by lightning and killed its original owner. It later escaped from a mental hospital (Research).

Margarite and Principal Lewis go to Stan's house, where the hot tub swallows Lewis and causes an escaping Margarite to crash his car, killing him. The hot tub then draws Francine back home, imitating Stan on the phone. Stan discovers the deception and returns home just as the hot tub swallows Francine. After the hot tub explains its first killing spree, Stan unsuccessfully tries to recover Francine. The hot tub jettisons Stan through the roof, leaving him sprawled on the pavement across the street (Psychotic Hot Tub).

At the last moment, Stan remembers the "Spa Down" given by Margarite for "calming down" his tub; unfortunately, he succumbs to his wounds. Cee Lo announces that Stan is dead, ending the episode abruptly.


This episode was written by Judah Miller and Murray Miller and directed by Chris Bennett. This would be the second season premiere to be written by the Millers, the first being "In Country...Club".

During the "Evening with American Dad" panel with the show's staff that took place at the Paley Center on September 22, 2011, executive producer Mike Barker revealed his penis to a shocked crowd

IN THEM Fiight' pitaisi'
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