High King of Skyrim. Source: Reddit.. Okay, skyrim. >I'm a Hunter in skyrim >Kill anything that moves steal it's meat and eat it's skin then wear the head as my hat >Walking through Falkrea skyrim
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this is the link given in the content
just thought some people would be too lazy to type it out ,and i had to type it anyway cause i want the mod .
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Okay, ******* skyrim.
>I'm a Hunter in skyrim
>Kill anything that moves steal it's meat and eat it's skin then wear the ******* head as my hat
>Walking through Falkreath mid Second sead, ****** nice and warm
> ******* rabbits are everywhere
>Suddenly my hunter senses start tingling
>Duck and Hide in a bush
>Mother ******
>It's the dragon born
> ****
>MWF I Realize he's chasing a mother ******* dragon
>Pissing my in my leathers in this ******* bush
>Dragon born kills the lizard
>Steals it's ******* soul then pisses on it's skull
>Pop out after I have **** and pissed in my armor
>Check dragons maimed carcass
> ****** was loaded, Orcish armor, scales and bones
>Mother ****** popped rubies and emeralds like Cheetos the fat ****
>Take all his **** and it takes me nine hours to get to the city because he had so much **** .
>Live like a Jarl now
>Purchase a mansion in Markarth, marry homosexual woodelf
>Follow the Dragon born as a job now, dude doesn't give two ***** about all this gold
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Nazeem master race.
Nazeem master race.
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Christ, I remember that ebony armored **** .

>Be playing Skyrim
>I have a level 106 jack-of-all-trades breton, mods make me near god-like, so I put it on legendary difficulty
>Walking round Solitude, getting my drink on in The Winking Skeever, minding my own damn business
>He walks in the tavern and challenges me
>I think, "Hey, I can make a public example of this cocky ********* ."
>Accept the challenge, thinking I'll **** 'em up
>I'm at half health in four hits
>I'm in awe at his superb combat abilities
>I turn the difficulty down to normal, hoping it'll help
>It does, but not much
>After dozens of potions, five cheese wheels, and some honningbrew mead, he's at 10% health, crawling like a spider with appendages torn off
>I wanted him to beg for his life, to ask me for forgiveness, to ******* grovel at my **** stained feet
>But he just waited for the final blow that would send him to sovngarde
>I hesitated at first, wondering if should spare his life and make him my servant
>No, he deserved better, he deserved to spend his afterlife in the hall of merriment and frivolity
>He deserved sovngarde
>As I delivered the final blow, he said, "At last... Sovngarde"
User avatar #24 - infamoustrapper (01/08/2014) [+] (3 replies)
Any of you ever been to Skyrim before? I live there. Here's my tale
>I'm a shopkeeper, I'm from Riverwood
>Some dude walks in
>My sister recognizes him immediately
> ******* dragonborn in our shop
>Full Daedric Armour, he has a Dragon Priest mask on
>My sister grabs my arm in fear
>He grabs a basket, puts it over our heads
>We hear stuff moving
>Whisper to my sister, "This is ridiculous! We're being robbed!"
>She whispers back, "He has full armor... the power of the voice... and a dragon priest mask... just pretend nothing is happening"
>He ******* takes everything, the bastard
>Go out of business a few weeks later, lose my shop, just a stall now
>He comes back to sell me horker tusks and vampiric salts
>I cry every day.
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Is this a mod?
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I am a mix of retarded and blind
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He forced the Ebony Warrior to fight for his life in the arena?
#112 - theroflcer (01/08/2014) [+] (4 replies)
God damn Skyrim Children!
God damn Skyrim Children!
#45 - jimmytwoshoes (01/08/2014) [+] (2 replies)
just gonna leave this here...
just gonna leave this here...
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The time has come,

and so have I.
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I once met a user who gave me good advice,
#35 - ohgodwaitimatheist (01/08/2014) [-]
Yes. YES!

That little kid, the first in the comp.

That little **** got what he deserved. I ******* hate that annoying kid.
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Kneel before the greatest morrowind gif!
Kneel before the greatest morrowind gif!
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>be me
>just started skyrim
>decide to steal a shield
>not noticed
>Steal it
>somehow this ******* bitch could smell it on me
>end up having to kill her
>kill rest of town
>go to first quest
>she's also pissed
>forced to kill her
>mfw i wanted some ****** shield and ended up killing a whole friendly village
#5 - sajouk (01/07/2014) [+] (1 reply)
"I'd even buy one of your relatives, if you're looking to sell! Ha ha ha... That's a little joke."

To the mines for contemplating human trafficking? That is a no matter of joking.
#50 - pfccross (01/08/2014) [-]
The ebony warrior... fully upgraded daedric dagger with high damage low charge enchants, and special gloves for doubling backstab damage. shanked him in the back. it did half his health. he proceeded to turn and kill me in a single swing.

<-- MFW wtf is this **** ?
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