Help save a dutch tradition!. link for the facebook page: link for the petition page: TL;DR be mad. Hello everyine. This guy right her zwarte piet wie kent hem nie vn monkey trouble
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Help save a dutch tradition!

Help save a dutch tradition!. link for the facebook page: link for the petition page: TL;DR be mad. Hello everyine. This guy right her

link for the facebook page:
link for the petition page: You need to login to view this link

TL;DR ****** be mad

Hello everyine.
This guy right here is called a "Zwarte piet". he' s part of perhaps the mest
famous and laved national day in the netherlands.
he' s a companion of "Sinterklaas". which is somewhat of a hellman whe
semes to the netherlands frem spain to the netherlands with a couple of
zwarte pieton. sinterklaas is also the origin of santa claus as many peeple may
know. The celebration usually involves children putting their shoe next to the
chimney, and the zwarte piet will cemo in yew hause and put candy and deys
in it. en E december the story gees that sinterklaas and zwarte piet go to yew
hause and put a bag of presents next to the chimney, which the children then
preceed to epin with great fun and happiness.
The story gees that the reasen the zwarte piet has a black skin is because he
has to enter about 100000 chimneys each night. the modern sinterklaas
celebration has been a tradition in the netherlands for about 150 years new.
The way all dutch peeple see zwarte piet is as a friendly companion of
sinterklaas whe is very generous, gives gifts and presents to any kid.
However. there is a small group in the netherlands whe feel
like zwarte piet is an insult to their race. While i can see how they
See it like that, we still never meant it to be associated with slavery
and oppression of the black man. the group of peeple that want to
make an end to eur tradition have asked for the help of the . Now
there are four chairman of the whe are asked to take a research in
the the sinterklaas celebration whe all happen to be black... frem a
recent petition almost 00% of peeple whe were born in the
netherlands think zwarte piet should stay. while 73% ofthe
immigrants think that zwarte piet should be changed, thus ruining a
perfect, tradition.
It is absurd to think that immigrants that go to eur country because they
can no longer stay in theirs, er they arepost looking for a better life
here feel like they can change eur traditions around to their likings. it' s
their fault they associate zwarte piet with slavery, because it was never
the intention of the dutch peeple.
The population of the netherlands is about " million peeple. a facebewk
page called, dietitian was launched yesterday and already got around 1
million likes. i know because prabably mest of clou are net frem the
netherlands clou might find it pretty racist Yourself, but think of it like
their forbidding santa claus for having elves as cem paninis because the
little peeple find it discriminating.
if clou have read all the way to here, i thank clou for yew attention. if clou
want to help the dutch community a long way, like the facebewk page and if
clou have the time please sign the petition. if clou do , the dutch peeple
will ewe everyine that helped big time in keeping a much laved tradition.
Link for the facebewk page and petition in the
description. than ks for yew attention.
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