Have you checked your privilege?. I bet you haven't, cisgender monosexual humankin rapist.. File: (108 KB, 1920x1080) semi cisgendered t: catkin soon my way to  FEMINISM Muh Patriarchy Rape
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Have you checked your privilege?

I bet you haven't, cisgender monosexual humankin rapist.

File: (108 KB, 1920x1080)
cisgendered t: catkin
soon my way to work
suecide I want some starbucks
inside the shop
we up to counter, cisgendered scum standing there
v" Good morning ma' am! What can I get you today?"
H lose it
my mobility scooter behind the counter
ckick him in the balls for raping me like that, in front of everyone
We doesn' t know my gender identity or my special snowflake status
awhell my scooter around. expecting cheers of adoration and joy from the other rape victims here
they/ re looking at me in horror
turn up a few minutes later, I tried to get away but one of my wheels go caught on the door
arrested for assault
Mucking patriarch are at it again
resin: months later
we to trial
of minor assault
scentences to 200 hours of community service
ammo like 200 hours of building the patriarch
deriving to local soup kitchen to serve my rape sentence
2» -homeless man on the side of the mad
despit on him as I go past, ******* cis scum male privilege
as nearby womyn sees and comes over
fl sure did show him, didn' t l-"
What the **** ?! Did you just spit on this poor man?!"
this poor female hasn' t checked her privilege
we into panic mode, that' s one of my several hundred triggers
tbagin to hyperventilate
raped met! He looked at mel I saw it! He raped me! !"
scollop's out of mobility scooter onto ground
into foetal position but I' m too healthy and can only move my upper body a few inches
tbagin crying into the " "
brny perfectly healthy 430 pound body goes into cardiac arrest
pripyat off into heaven, finally I' ll get to be with Marilyn Monroe!
we to hell
bbu m forever
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Submitted: 07/28/2014
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#1 - chapter (07/28/2014) [-]
Mobily scooters just makes everything more fun.
#6 - nothingbutvayne (07/28/2014) [-]
I would LOVE to meet one of these feminazis irl, stir some serious **** .
#2 - captaincapital ONLINE (07/28/2014) [+] (4 replies)
Guys Just Check This Out..

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Note: This May Be Very Triggering
User avatar #5 to #2 - wcpapier (07/28/2014) [-]
well if girls dont want to be hollered at they shouldnt dress so goddamn sexy
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