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W Licking - Wikipedias the fr It
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the air during the nehmen A snake licking a levato detect prey
Licking in humans [edit]
Compared to most other mammals, licking has a minor role for humans. The human tongue is relatively short and inflexible, and is not well adapted for
either grooming or drinking. Instead, humans prefer to wash themselves using their hands and drink by sucking fluid into their mouth. Humans have
much less hair overthere skin than most other mammals, and much ifthat hair is in places which they cannot reach with their own mouth. The
presence of sweat glands all overhue human body makes licking as accoring method unnecessary-
Nonetheless, licking does play a role for humans. Even though humans cannot effectively drink water by licking, the human tongue is quite sufficient for
licking more viscous fluids. The practice shlicking dishware and cutlery clean, though often considered uncivilized, is nonetheless quite common. Some
foods are sold in fform intended to be consumed mainly by licking, eag- an ice cream cone and a lollipop-
Some people in the Afar tribe of Ethiopia have been reported to have used their tongues to lick other humans, as a way offloading them from the dust
that accumulates on them in a very water scarce region. ]
There are a number of other uses for licking in humans. For example, licking can be used tor
habit of many people is licking a finger to help turning a page, taking a sheet of paper from ,
considered unhygienic and it is questioned whether there really is any necessity to do so alt?
certain situations turning a page is difficult and that it goes much easier after licking the top o
sewing, thread ends are commonly wet by licking to make the fibres stick together and thus I
licking one' s hand and using it to groom one' s hair.
A woman licks a man' s face. 5'
nother practice considered uncivilized is
A woman licks El man' s face.
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