Halo Comp V: Sergeant Johnson. I think I'm getting the hang of this, but you can be the judge of that.. COMP V: Sergeant Johnson it' s about r think time lil' l Halo games testicles
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Halo Comp V: Sergeant Johnson

I think I'm getting the hang of this, but you can be the judge of that.

COMP V: Sergeant Johnson
it' s about
r think
time lil' learned
about everyone' s
favorite badass.
I' ll take my payment in
machine. or a giant hula hoop, we' re not gonna let 'em have
it! what we will let 'em have is a belly full of lead, and a pool
of their own blood to drown in!
Desil' -y the biggest Bede's cut. of power armor,
Johnson first vet panties THIS: -otter es e member
of the GRIDN Project, later dubbed the
Men, here is where we show those .
sons of bitches that they could not have
picked a worse enemy than the human race!
hamonica, It' s hard to say how
fugk yeah" y old Johnson is, since
post. q age really isn' t a
thine in cryosleep.
do know this:
Johnson fought the
Haar. . War
in Lt' a entirety,
from start to finish.
I He soared the war' s
first kill in
Dear Humanity... we regret being alien bastards.
we regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret
that the Corps iust blew up our raggedness fleet!
But that' s not all,
thses, knuckes, re.
rite: re ici t
plasma grenades,
KNOW legion of Envies,
and your mom,
WHAT Johnson did it
THE ohnoes his bitch.
LADIES Soren' s Syndrome
should have put
LIKE Johnson the
hospital for the
rest of the war.
Johnson denied treatment, in keeping with his
daily quota. Soo thing, too. Besause
Soren' s Syndrome made him HUEUHE TC. THE .
when we meet the enemy. you will rip their skulls
from their spines, and toss 'em away. laughin'!
Am I right, Marines?
Johnson is voiced David Soully,
presumably gets all sinds of pussy.
The masers of u " The.
Eall credi: ..T' . riffic
che. black '
dude from .. Bound
Johnson. . . reversed
7 1 and
ways. But not today! This here is sixsicsix tons of straight
up, intervention! If God is love,
thingmy can tyrome Chiddy
t. As you
ill probably know,
Johnson was...
missing in
attion"' d, by
Guilty Spark,
at the end of
improved Halo a.
then, let' s
remember the best
sidekick in game
lethargy( ... with
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Submitted: 08/03/2014
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#3 - anonymous (08/03/2014) [+] (4 replies)
stickied by dcj
isn't boren's syndrome just a cover up of the spartan I project? because didn't the spartan I augmentations give Johnson messed up dna, so the flood couldn't assimilate it properly?
User avatar #8 - asthmetheus (08/04/2014) [-]
I want a halo where you don't really play as a spartan, rank and file soldier, or more ODST stuff, heck maybe even johnson in the covenant war.
User avatar #1 - psychadelicace (08/03/2014) [-]
I don't want to kill ya, you're just too ugly to let live - Sgt Johnson
Halo 2 was the ****
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