Had this happen with ~250 hours of FFVII. . C) kay, so I' started a new file. I' ll play it differently from my main one tit. The good file tala tala Dyer 9000
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Had this happen with ~250 hours of FFVII

C) kay, so I' started a new file.
I' ll play it differently from my
main one
tit. The good file tala tala
Dyer 9000 hours played tala tala
This save file has data in it.
Do you wantto overwrite it?
Save success!
The aids
10 minutes played
my CD collection to my
cat, Nibbles..."
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Submitted: 12/27/2013
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User avatar #7 - ipartywithpedobear (12/28/2013) [+] (5 replies)
it ******* asked if you want to overwrite, and you hit yes.

that's your fault for being stupid
User avatar #9 to #7 - toosexyforyou (12/28/2013) [-]
Over 9000 hours of gameplay and however many times of hitting "yes" to the overwrite question, you'd think it'd be easy to break the habit of hitting "yes."
#34 - adu (12/28/2013) [+] (5 replies)
>having only one save file for that character ever

"Filthy Casual" doesn't even begin to describe these kinds of people.
#3 - hudge (12/28/2013) [-]
"The AIDS"
User avatar #6 - keduti (12/28/2013) [+] (4 replies)
Happened to me with my skyrim. I had this skyrim account, had EVERYTHING. Shouts, dragon claws, stones of barenziah, all quest lines, dragon priests masks, daedric artifacts, special weapons, everything. You name it I had it. Well I decided to make this khajiit account just to mess around, and at level 1, since I was in a hurry to go to a wedding, I accidentally save over my Nords account. Needless to say I pretty much ruined everybody's day during the wedding due to my horrible attitude.
#57 - stormtrooperbob (12/28/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Had every pokemon once, I even had a shiney red onion fairy... not anymore.
#51 - jakekel (12/28/2013) [+] (1 reply)
that's why I always have two save files.   
 			*******		 casual
that's why I always have two save files.
******* casual
#22 - sytheris (12/28/2013) [+] (3 replies)
I saved over my 100% JSRF file..
#36 to #35 - sytheris (12/28/2013) [-]

a lot.
#19 - youxbarstard ONLINE (12/28/2013) [+] (4 replies)
******* saved over my mgs3 file with over 400 hours on which I had pretty much everything.

I can't even listen to the theme like I used to.
#17 - Jameshaich (12/28/2013) [+] (3 replies)
mfw I accidently deleted my brothers NG+ save file on Dark Souls so I could make a boxing build.
mfw I accidently deleted my brothers NG+ save file on Dark Souls so I could make a boxing build.
User avatar #41 to #17 - unlithe (12/28/2013) [-]
#2 - britishaccent ONLINE (12/27/2013) [-]
this is really well made
#58 - petrustitus (12/28/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I got X Com Enemy Unknown yesterday. I got so hooked I played practically all day. I was about to start the mission where you have to intercept that UFO after the elerium thing starts working. I built such a great team and I had done nearly all of the research so far. Suddenly, the game crashes and when I boot the game back up, no save was to be found. Apparently I had to turn on auto-save at the menu....
User avatar #60 to #58 - sanguinesolitude (12/28/2013) [-]
thats a fun game. rolling snipers ftw
#54 - yowutis (12/28/2013) [+] (2 replies)
It's time I finally share my grief. I had a pokemon file on black that I was planning to transfer over to my white 2 then the new gen (you know trade all my stuff over). Well I had all the fossil pokemon at 100 all the eeveelutions at 100 and about 100+ lvl 100s as well as most of the pokemon from gen 1-5 in boxes, even the starters. I had 1000+ hours logged on it (passed 1000 almost a year ago) and kept on training pokemon to lvl 100 even had about two boxes full of legendary 100s including shinies and events such as arceus and deoxys. Not only that I had a shiny gloom, shinx, two shellos, and my pride and joy shiny chansey. had all this stuff as well as several masterballs. A couple of months ago there was some renovation work being done at my house to fix up a couple rooms and bathrooms, didn't occur to me that my bathroom was the only one working. Got a call that my great-grandfather was dying so went the hospital to see him but he had already died. (that sucked enough right?) well I came home and couldn't find my 3ds looked everywhere for days... turns out one of the ******** workers stole it couldn't find which one. Lesson is lock your ******* door now matter what and if you've invested that much time into something always be paranoid and make sure you take the time to guard it, save properly, etc. (btw looking to get back into pokemon now since the hate has subsided and my gf got me a 3ds for christmas) mfw
User avatar #50 - voltkills (12/28/2013) [-]
well it was 100% completed so....
User avatar #47 - roflstorm (12/28/2013) [-]
Did the same thing with my Pokemon Diamond.
782 hours logged and almost every pokemon in the games was in my inboxes. Even Mew and Celebi. Had a shiny Blaziken, 2 shiny Rhydons,4 shiny Tentacools, a shiny Luxaray, shiny Muk and i think 2 shiny pidgeottos. I contemplated suicide for hours.
And again with Minecraft. Level 89 with enchanted diamond everything. Including diamond armour with 3 diamond swords, pick axes and bows. I even decided to enchant my fishing rod and a wooden sword.. I had enough left over diamonds to make 3 diamond blocks. I saved before going to The END after spending...i don't know.....19 hours total? searching for The END portal and i thought id get rid of a few old files. I went full circle with my rage 3 times .
#72 - volksworgen (12/28/2013) [-]
I'll have you know I saved over my file of tales of legendia and I only wept for six years.
I'll have you know I saved over my file of tales of legendia and I only wept for six years.
#70 - puregarbage (12/28/2013) [-]
"The aids"   
This comment thread   
So good
"The aids"
This comment thread

So good
#69 - diddlydum (12/28/2013) [-]
I just got done formatting my ps3 hard drive. had a lightning strike which fried my ps3. Since I don't feel like getting it fixed, I just bought a new 12 gb one and I put my hard drive in. I didn't realize that you can only use the hard drive on the system it came with, and since my old one won't even turn on, I'm pretty much screwed, and can't transfer it over unless I get the old one working, which is.......not happening.

But I think of it like this, I mostly play online games, and still have my account, so I've really only lost my single player games, which....there were a lot of, but I like to replay games, so now I'll be forced to re-enjoy my old ones. Dishonored is almost finished installing, so hopefully I'll actually finish it this time.
#63 - barbaragbynum Comment deleted by sajouk [-]
User avatar #24 - smartyben **User deleted account** (12/28/2013) [+] (5 replies)
i saved over my brothers huge save file once
User avatar #18 - fathis (12/28/2013) [-]
Try deleting your wow account...

Haven't played in 5 months..

More than a year playtime...
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