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Hack to the Future

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"The most controversial aspect of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's revised net neutrality proposal is the so-called "fast lane" provision that would allow ISPs to charge companies extra cash for faster access to internet users. Now one small web hosting company is giving the FCC a taste of its own medicine. NeoCities creator Kyle Drake rounded up the FCC's internal IP address range and has since slowed things to a crawl for anyone accessing his company's website at the commission. (Actual sites being hosted by NeoCites aren't part of the protest.) Connections coming in from the FCC are limited to just 28.8Kbps, to be specific. That's slower than dial-up speeds from 15 years ago."

Read more by Chris Welch on The Verge here: www.theverge.com/policy/2014/5/9/5699510/web-hosting-company-puts-fcc-in-slow-lane

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