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HFY 14

About twelve years age a attact died in high orbit ever THU Ceta ‘v
His ttritts was Drake Mcdougal and aside from a few snapshots and vagins anecdotes from his drinking buddies that' s probably all we' ll ever kitsu about him Another colonelkorn attact witll little
records and little documentation whatever asteroid field the Drake to algorithim Every new and then a Dras gunship wouild strut sit through the system Pas; Cressilia and all that
But that was it
One fine day sits gunships had a A bad site It arrived sitll ninety clicks above otitis with all of its impellers bloom out by the cravat's feedback fish Vs gravity well The
Dress scraped a good system's/ ide broadbent and were already beginning the Death Chant when they hit otitis
People laughed at the recording of sixty Drake going from mysterious chanting to ' ing' for years forgot the name Drake Mcdougal The deafening (" and split of
stunned silence afterwards my./ entailed to entertain Drake had performed a hasty recently desends gunship. and partially slagged his meatshield diving alter it Experts later calculated he
suffered when he leaned sit the retro to match with the Drake long enough to engage the sit his little mining tug
Even the massively overpowered drive ofa tug has its limits and Drakes little ship hit hers abseil ens and a half minutes later Pushed tee far the tugs fusion plant lest containment just as he
finished slingshotting the gunship into lsw orbit ( was unharmed of satires the Dras opinion effusion pewee best translated as ‘quaint . kind of hsw we view butter churns ,
It was sit the local news within hours sit assess human Space within days It was discussed memorialized marveled Dipset che/ ever by daytime hosts and I think somebody
even bought a plaque er seine shit like that Then there was a freighter accident and a sit Orbital 5 and of satires the first ‘vandal attacks in the periphery
The galaxy moped sit
Twelve years is a long time espesially war es twelve years later as the ‘vandals main fleet was jumping in and we were strapping into the crash couches ehwhat we
enthusiastically called ‘warships . I we net sits man in the entire Defense Farse could rememberable Drake Mcdougal was
Well the Drake sure as hell did
Drake do net fuck amand Dstone long Dras jumped in barely EEK klicks away and then we just steed around staring at eur displays like the apes we were as
we watched what a real CED sf galactus looked like You schild actually see the atmosphere mil occasionally when a ‘vandal ship happened to srsed between it and the was fleet
There' s still lightning storms sit Jupiter new something about residual heavy ions and massive static charges er something
later with every" ' ship reduced to slagged debris and nine was ships spinning about as they vented atmosphere they started with the chanting again And
then the communiques that confused the hell set of Lie all
De '_-Witt held eur debt fulfilled?"
Afterthe sixth er seventh shittaste them ‘we dent knew what the hell acuire talking meet" as politely as the was fleet charmander got sit the hem and asked ts speak to a human
Admiral in roughly the SHINE tone as a telemarketer telling a kid to give the phone ts Daddy 's/ l/ hen the Admiral didnt knew either the was went silent fer a minute and when he saints back sit his
using much and talking elswyr
ls eur bleed debt ts Drake Mcl) urgals clan new satisfied?"
The Admiral said ll/ ho?
what the was commander said next v-. -'suld' ~. -'e caused a major diplomatic incident had he remembered to revert to the Ettore complex translation precisely He thaught the Admiral must be sit idiot a
seward er both Eventually/ the were called set and we were asked alty the human mes had largely forgotten the sacrifice of Drake Mcdougal
Humans we explained sacrifice all the time
We trotted set every news clip. from the space's/ Nets from the last twelve years Some freighter seek that fell sit a grenade bluring a pirate raid sit Outreach A ship locked himself
into the reactor resin and kept containment until the crew died shielding a child from falling debris with his body bluring ait earthquake that
The Drake were utterly stunned Their diplomats wandered set sothe conference resin in a daze vi. -‘ed just told them that the rarest most selfless and honorable of aste - aste that incurred
generationfallen aird mos/ ed entire fleets -WBS es routine fer eur species that they were bumped sarthe news by latest celebrity scandal
Everything changed fer humanity And it was all thanks to a single tug pilot whs taught the galaxy what truly defines Man
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