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User avatar #34 - malific
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(10/03/2013) [-]
You guys do realize The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) isn't actually Free Health Care right? It's just government run Health Insurance.
User avatar #144 to #34 - rescueryan
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(10/03/2013) [-]
the AFFORDABLE is the key word, not free
User avatar #195 to #144 - malific
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(10/04/2013) [-]
The fee in 2014 is 1% of your yearly income or $95 per person for the year, whichever is higher. The fee increases every year. In 2016 it is 2.5% of income or $695 per person, whichever is higher.

In 2014 the payment for uninsured children is $47.50 per child. The most a family would have to pay in 2014 is $285.
Cheap right? This is the fee if you DON'T get it.

^ This guy makes $11,500 a year part time according to his linkedin page. His fee is $175 a month for his Obamacare. $2100 a year that's 18% of his income. Obamacare is supposed to take your income into account when it calculates. You can go to You need to login to view this link and get insurance for $44.... granted that a really low plan, but this guy didn't even get vision or dental for his $175 from obamacare which he even said he wanted.

Now granted I have no idea what sort of plan he has... but paying 18% of your income for healthcare that is designed to help those who can't afford it is NOT what I call Affordable.

There are plenty of AFFORDABLE healthcare plans out there MUCH better than ACA.