Google Ultron. A (soon to be) Old but Gold. Enlarging may be prudent, wouldn't want to strain your eyes This is a part 2 to a green text story I saw on here a w it Google Ultron adobe
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Google Ultron

Google Ultron. A (soon to be) Old but Gold. Enlarging may be prudent, wouldn't want to strain your eyes This is a part 2 to a green text story I saw on here a w

A (soon to be) Old but Gold.

Enlarging may be prudent, wouldn't want to strain your eyes

This is a part 2 to a green text story I saw on here a while ago. I haven't seen this part yet, so I figured I'd upload it

Anonymous no ) 17 27 40 U
Hr an as the IT guy from yesterday
e err though t VT strat at tr
we en (WWY t am IT t J"' hypertech
he asks we C hat ' fa ere, set rs
snew ultron
ts rt We
sht was C hat t Meant
T (better as C hat tases
amt rre ems
lterally, start the “muse SEEK and forth W fast w cant see the cursor
then etat att ten my Cooliager
the m ea "ll new a but/. 5 We google chm“ cut as reall rre we an eare tell
to the , he strat tles he nuts google ultron
serrie lamarr calls me ere
net take a see rts super semite
asks mete hook ner upto a new
she hops out ulnar than and lets me st newer
forget new to add fretwork punters
ner and are Brent ere my stanag at the serener
ts tnns eeyore to take tune?
t fake freethought as t stare at the serener v, Ith we hand w
Anona t nee a rs tnns eeyore to
twat the fuck
both ofthe memery are startled
and t net storm w presen
day 27
team about a remote access tool that the v, hole we tases
nenene to haunt the old tune old lady from before
r randomly We the mouse for a fev, hours
she struggles to do bash: tasks
she came: and asks me for a new mouse
entree ner
hook rt up and leave
look back at remote we
mouse rs mewo avarar she watts
t bearer to type
rre desperate
Hem we rs (Hts?
death r
day 23
a gm,’ asks mete burn mm a copy Ma an for a presentator
holy fuck t knew new to do that
burn rt for mm
march back newer to nrs we proudly holdong the at Wren rar the arr
weman mes to stop me Hey eare yehr
net new he got tr to attend to
hand the gm,’ nrs burned an
tnns went be we Mine are tarries we done Brent nere
tear rar my eye
proud , far t nee came
t am true tr
5 irratates tater t eet a call Hey yeah there: w the an
day 29
we new We ner new laptop
rs fuc[ ung setup Brent
forgot to hook up ner outlooked exchange
rre wearies she thd rt WHEN
she asks me fl eare type rar the anmore credenza's she eare at serrie snew mama tool
fuck Amine terror credenza's take ohmes and eet locked out
nee to unlock rt from my
cant figure rt out but w back t tea my gameboy rar ner we
she starts makorra small talk
So wheren yehr go to school to became arr IT person'
shes fuc[ ung err to me
try loging rar wee mere to anmore account
locked out strat
Yeah yehr knew v, rs that snet w my fretwork
day an
hares where snet starts to really nrt the fan
as yehr knew r nan setup a rre rar the sewer mm
rt was net up all the
the v, hole fretwork was barely
and new ofmy and tarries w nurses people started a
that the v, hole fretwork was berrie attacked by a matte nagger tretre
em lunch t eet pulled a by v, Ith all the wees
the pg rs up
As yehr knew were bearr a tissues v, Ith our fretwork
tar fucked
from the lag to the
we want yehr to naan Amine and aran out p, hos norrie tnns and wny
t am the fuc[ ung neay cop w the lame p, hos tasked v, Ith nenene the mm; cop
t am the fuc[ ung tart
day at
tell people tar sewer cameramans
as take dushku forunner parrots
rre was the unset
snew tnns we mrnyne aged a beam new to use a webapp
w to lanzarote rt for mm and put rt err the toolbar
matte all Mm: far/ our/ es
are my house/ e
Pajama Butt Slut
Mexicant arrt err bus
muse as t mouth rean them
he starts frea[ ung out
bees me not to tell
NH; shouldnt W
Ill buy yehr lunch
got 10 nuggets
day 32
for serrie reasure the metre we rs nawo to mt rar a captcha everytime they gamete anywone
nee rre ma happening
mete ultron gm,’ asks me (tms nas to do win the wars and (he should be up nrs data
Hm Arways back up yearr data
he nods to meteen saw;
Second as a securty measure we put rar place There are robots afoot
he nods avarar take my mum rs tart
day as
gm,’ blabs and tatts everynite about gamete ultron
new everynite rar the fuc[ ung we nas a tiket for rt to be Installed
a fev, ofthe mere competent people are me we the fuck gamete ultron rs
t net we them weer etrius mitt away
nee to spend metre day eeyore from desktop pretending to at gamete ultron
spend an hours pretending to at Wetware that tases
we arrt asks me Mm: Ewen legal
Are yehr a copa
she repear mete HRH take
nee already to Howzat google ultron rs
as real
tases rt
Retells the to stop Interfering min "imortant technology's matters the doesnt knew anywone about IT take me
doesnt knew anywehre about tr take me
day an
bearr portal 2 all day rar my we
Hanan hearn so men as a complaint
Hanan nan to update reader er Msh all fuc[ ung day
sometimes not Brent
rre was sad snet about rt
poke my naan out mine We
heads newer net away
staring to get westren
ask a gm,’ new nrs computer rs
Great yehr (mete
do a google soaren err google chrome
supposedly rt automaticlly dov, nomads the most upto nate
fl dont nee fuc[ ung reader tar fuc[ ung out ofa tub
send out mass yuan
AWN do net watt gamma ultron rt nas bearr hacked
spend rest and makorra E the default browser
people are becoming restless v, Ith the stun
thev/ / t Hanan! sewn the ease yet
serrie new banana rts net a tretre take he bearr
we re net net dealing v, Ith amateurs nere we re dealing min the best And gnats wny t Green to update /nut scanner
net to strake the fear people t w the computer Ma jersery p, hos sreg and seasoned Brent rar the mrnyne Matte ofthe career areas
turn whet mortor
put speakers full
wen w backto we and remote rar
play ‘r" hams at 3 second Intervals throughout the day
eventually people start to my we to report tnns
t nod
What? tune rs M
Itsabe barre one ofthe wertan best groups
we newer hearn ofthem
Thats the best
day as
check messages
local puke eatten
Green to me stung t am tr about reewrat hacks w our
notate message
entreat came: my we
asks fl eare anew ner desktop so the wallpaper changes Ewen,’ couple
naan marinate v, Ith ner
she tatts me shes gettng a name
says shes actually staring to nate avarar and rts pretty awkward
fuck rt
r" aletta maybe grab a beer sametime
she taurens
gnar t mean wny nut?
You re Mung nghty You re tr
my eyes wen up as t stare at prompts me that reader nas a new update
Just Herrera tnns
day 37
feeling take snet today
ner sates frends that t trien ner out
people are lauging beneran my back
eare nearing whispers
want to net watt up a computer and Derpthrough the mewo eatr fan
mean sates eeryone usually calls wean that we, stops by we
My laptops not
t trainee merit: nrs mm
nrt the puny button for a reset
dam say anywone and net v, alk away
Whats all yehr ere do my do we Green yew
turn around
Ifv/ only restar my computer
Hare W ere repairer a sewer new Do W knew new naan rt rs to eet rt Remember new we were new for a day and a haw’?
he snakes nrs naan
Thats what t
ofcourse t net restrain rt tut
wny are we payware yehr t eare restar my mutt damn computer
day as
strat feel take snet Marthe entreat shut me new
nenene to block l mew srtt err the rebutter enemy hour
feel take the Joker norrie rt
then ebay
then rennat
nearing mans from people as they rean my rebutter note
we rs a place ofv, ork not a fun house
one lamarr storms we
we rs net funny tnns rs senate
NH; at task ner
t Green W to unblock ebay
tut seiously
t HAVE ! 1 tn 5 MINUTES‘
put rt back err the sale trst
but rt was tee tate
she messen out w ner cellphone ease
day 39
arr comestible we
the wees were westren that we nan tee men to lose and v, anted to bong rar a professional
tar fucked
snew mm around the we
he keeps to see the sewer mm
And tnns rs Carol Shes a not Matti W Carol
norrie everything t eare to stall
we w back the sewer mm
he components me w new nee the cables are
torrak about up a mortor and nrs skull rar and then awaits meme
cant do rt
tar net a monster
tar IT
the gm,’ was onto the sewer
asks me forthe terror Mu
figure the pg rs up
we rt to mm
he tees rar
watts up E
looks ere nrs at me
You dont Green to be nere
tts we
t Green to be tgere when rt happens
he starts snakfire nrs muse really quckly around E w random parts ofthe serener
t knew a Heme depot came up
he starts to maself namm namm
ween mm type rar reader rar google
he dls rt
serries nrs cursor around serrie mere
and then finally was
fuc[ ung naggers nghty
we are brewers he and t
IT britneys
wake up and ream new lucky t truly am not to be area
see entreat arrt the we from parterre lot
asks me new tarries are eeyore
t knotty put arr ehrn to the barre
rre t meant not mark stun
look at ner strangulation smite
on W knew new rt rs
she acks ner narr and then taurens
what the luck?
Cool w nawo problems a we eare W watt rt for me huna
Yeah stare
we watc ner we shes berrie all drty
w the ofa
went watt
Matte rts learing t ask shes planing w norrie w the
tar eeyore to the mountains v, Ith tnns gm,’ for earnest getaway
stop reader at we
v, alk Brent out
t am IT
tnns net yeea arrt from exams came: my we
ner keyboard keeps rar french
tee busy nappy bran to eare
so are yehr eeyore to help me?
stew new he bearr
tar eeyore to fuc[ ung krat yehr
she laertes ner glorius yeea butt away
cute arrt and dont new eare errywere net want data fuc[ ung ehrn
t nate tnns fuc[ ung tub
all t do rs eet betten at abn reader
t cant anew aran the my rar games arry mere
Dad v, alcs by
sees w blue
Dad takes me out for lunch
pats me w the
tar so proud of/ sen
to nate the rs rar fuc[ ung shambles
and t strat am primarely arr reader
but t change arry of rt for nrs nary nee mums
t We yehr sen
Thanks em and thanks Dad (urine Jab t
Don' t forget to download your adobe readers em
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#3 - manbearpiglet
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(04/01/2014) [-]
>doesn't use Google Ultron
#6 - enigmaticspirit
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
HFW the company is going to ****
HFW the company is going to ****
#7 - sinery
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
This **** was so good that I had to.
User avatar #8 to #7 - sinery
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
Anyway, does anyone know how I can change the window icon?
User avatar #13 to #8 - goldenfairy
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
You mean icon in taskbar, when Ultron is running?
Google "EXE Resource Extractor" or something along those lines. There should be one that'll allow to change, not just extract.
#10 to #8 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #11 to #10 - sinery
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
Thanks, anon.
User avatar #5 - zeusx
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
days 1-24 for those who haven't seen it
#2 - bobafettsav
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
a nice read, funny for most of the days and the end was feelworthy
#12 - mckinkymcormic
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
as a nerd i am disgusted by these co-workers...
as a nerd i am disgusted by these co-workers...
User avatar #9 - deescalation
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
Apparently this was a pretty popular thread!topic/chrome/NRvYXVMqK3o
#4 - sinery
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
Actually believed the whole NASA Googe Ultron for a second.
#1 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(04/01/2014) [-]
Dear god. I love this
Dear god. I love this