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(10/11/2013) [-]
The NFL is full of pussy pretentious ******* snobs now who are ruining the sport.

Defenders get fined for laying a good hit on somebody because of new rules. If you so much as TOUCH the helmet of the opposing quarterback thats a personal foul and 15 yards. Are quarterbacks not football players now? Is this ******* soccer? Injuries happen in sports, thats the way it is. These players get paid millions of dollars to play the sport that they love, a few concussions are definitely a good trade for a couple million dollars.

Josh Freeman was just signed by the Vikings for a one year year worth 3 Million dollars. Three. Million. Dollars. In one year. Thats 3,000,000. In one year. Thats more than I'll make in my lifetime and Josh Freeman ******* SUCKS.

**** you NFL. Pussies. (Not players)