Glorious Beta Cringe. The Ballad of Evan G. is 100% OC ladies, get it before the spaghetti goes cold. EM o Yuma»: was y gym my wens: my my l y gammy Bwasmer hrs
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Glorious Beta Cringe

The Ballad of Evan G. is 100% OC ladies, get it before the spaghetti goes cold

EM o
Yuma»: was y gym my
wens: my my l y gammy
Bwasmer hrstg, y miwer_ estar
my my my. _ bywater& the yawn;
funnier &
Emu my Myra Smarties my wt scared
Well my y rm my my M my mama ya, fa maths u my my
runway; gimme come
E amt
mama y; not may 2. neither was Bush.
Hitler: inherited a my turn (minty. Turned t into a that
almost wok may the world.
Bush: inhuman a superpower may y 'Roget. Wrecked the a
created a Jerad.
Chums: inherited a my a e( mamy Doubled the thatit A
butthe economy m a meme.
syn: have the Lane ever my y Dumas y, my a manage
my my
a Evan G-
my Icould ‘main my -cawth "
Everytime I gain a Fiend, I bse one Mt my someune y: my someone
may W cant] keep
Illu lower my may my on me Backstreet Bays, they sound We black my
my Commemt my in E -
thave a km Fur shuit by In was at hts byylyy y defile cecal ls I an alder y ma: My the
9 "W _ 9 litterate y Baum: aware y. the aw truth mm -ything my the -
In mg mm m valery my MI My conspiracys y has
caused me much my my sheep wad my
Someimes y my y my the b\
an y my even my f es posable my the herd my & n my m mm my
armory y everyting my y Tfv In: my
Evan G!( immental an an army.
my molesting wows against their my may & government backed
Spas gm/ mg happy mung . to Am
my & home army brave.
February my
I went to Hunky:
Taken last mum
my Commom Share
my Comment Share
Evan - my my many»
A 5 new we my
B -my whatthe u
February " 20133111 um we
H T GOIN? KN 7 _ ails are messed up Tim stereotype me an creep Scause of my poor sandal
e my my they date actual because they mm how to talk
I PM Fang Evan
BECAUSE... HM, - my you
and AD others um ms
my my WV my
my Glow y Imight W -ved me y y.“ we
my - prostate may my
pyyros& Mamy my yrl woulg mm mum
my my my term‘ mils than my
Aug my y /uty my my
my my qvmw. my y. my scum's
w my
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Submitted: 04/06/2014
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User avatar #3 - monswine (04/06/2014) [-]
This one is a little cringey, but this kid is just on the spectrum with some extremely typical misanthropic depression. Take away the internets and the anime stuff and I was like this when I was 14. He'll get over it, trust me.
#2 - erpetrich (04/06/2014) [-]
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#1 - fuzzyjred (04/06/2014) [-]
That's one for the Cringe folder!
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