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#8 - misterstollo (03/18/2014) [-]
How it's really done
How it's really done
User avatar #59 to #8 - brenton (03/18/2014) [-]
The fact that he's wearing a shirt and tie makes this even more magical.
#57 to #8 - John Cena (03/18/2014) [-]
Awww yeah the Cold Steel Two Handed Great Sword!


Two Handed Great Sword
User avatar #47 to #8 - thalfak ONLINE (03/18/2014) [-]
Isn't this from Cold Steel?
#40 to #8 - John Cena (03/18/2014) [-]
im in love with this guy
#31 to #8 - ehzio (03/18/2014) [-]
Is this....
Is this a Giant Dad?
User avatar #38 to #31 - minnten (03/18/2014) [-]
He's the president of Cold Steel, in my opinion one of the best sword/knife forges in the US. They have some really cool ****
User avatar #53 to #38 - ieatpaste (03/18/2014) [-]
cool looking, low quality
#37 to #31 - bendeman ONLINE (03/18/2014) [-]
it didn't burst into flames, so it's just a giant dad in training
User avatar #42 to #37 - huffe (03/18/2014) [-]
giantdad before visiting vamos
#36 to #31 - anomsssssss (03/18/2014) [-]
pffft thats not even a chaos zweihander
User avatar #28 to #8 - europe (03/18/2014) [-]
It's somewhat easier to get a bit of force behind a zweihander though
#24 to #8 - isaacbn (03/18/2014) [-]
the mad janitor
#23 to #8 - meitemark ONLINE (03/18/2014) [-]
Why is every ******* swordfanatic overweight?
Is it a natural thing or what
Like "I'm to fat to run away, so I better learn to defend myself"
#33 to #23 - nyeeeh ONLINE (03/18/2014) [-]
A lot of them are neckbeards and their sword(s) are replicas of anime/videogame swords
If you aren't a neckbeard, and you like swords, then being fat is probably just a coincidence.
#32 to #23 - angelusprimus (03/18/2014) [-]
Just the amateurs who sit at home and think having a 20$ replica sword from the internet makes them a swordmaster.
HACA people (european classical martial arts recreation) tend to be in a REALLY good shape. Spending several hours a day moving really fast while practicing with 3lb sword (it gets heavy really quickly, trust me) often in a suit of armor weighting another 50 lbs is a very good way to keep in shape.
#49 to #32 - John Cena (03/18/2014) [-]
I think you mean playing with their swords.
#51 to #49 - angelusprimus (03/18/2014) [-]
I mean going through arm and wrist strength exercises, slowed down motion exercises to build up muscles usually not used, repeating motions to develop muscle memory, condition exercises, kata etc.
On top of that, dagger combat, stave combat and unarmed combat.

But yes, we are playing with our swords. In same way kendo practitioners in japan are playing with theirs, and kung fu practitioners are playing with their hands.
I'm sure you could take us all down with your enormous tv watching ass.
#34 to #32 - meitemark ONLINE (03/18/2014) [-]
That, i do not doubt.
It's just funny how out of all these weapon-guys, the ones who likes to showcase themselves the most on the internet, are the ones with the largest circumference.
deep psycological analysis incoming Mabye it's just a means of obtaining approval, or to show the world that they have the ability to be dangerous and manly, even if they weigh more than your average truck
#44 to #34 - angelusprimus (03/18/2014) [-]
Pretty much, yeah.

That picture made me laugh so much. The armor basically covers less then half his chest and almost none of his stomach.
Though if I had to go on a charge in actual medival combat, I'd love a guy like this in front of me. He'd soak up so many arrows...
#39 to #34 - lothet (03/18/2014) [-]
I agree with you.

Though some of us dress up like that to mock the LARp culture.
And kick ass, cause we don't follow a particular School or fencing style. And get hated even more than any other "faction".

The picture is my Warhammer Fantasy "Ogre" suit....we all laughed....then they cried!! No one knew how to defend aganst a frickin' sledgehammer.
#48 to #39 - malcolmcz (03/18/2014) [-]
in Czech republic we are taking Larp more seriously
User avatar #50 to #48 - lolikikolik (03/18/2014) [-]
shhhh, we dont wanna get invaded
#46 to #39 - angelusprimus (03/18/2014) [-]
God LARPers usually have no idea what to do with the "weapons" they use.
SCA people are generally better, some are pretty damn good.
Almost no one tries the actual warhammer in ARMA. Most people can barely lift it.
#41 to #39 - meitemark ONLINE (03/18/2014) [-]
no one expects the sledgehammer
no one expects the sledgehammer
#22 to #8 - meitemark has deleted their comment [-]
#21 to #8 - zleagh (03/18/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #19 to #8 - alfibrakiz (03/18/2014) [-]
That bucket got zweihandered!
#17 to #8 - beerholder (03/18/2014) [-]
The Claymore became my fav sword since Medieval 2: Total War
User avatar #20 to #17 - folkflunky (03/18/2014) [-]
I think that's a Zweihander.
User avatar #45 to #20 - huffe (03/18/2014) [-]
okay, so what you're seeing is two-handed swords. judging from a dark souls background, they look like zweihanders. that's a german name for them. another name is flamberge, coming from the blades traditionally looking a bit like flames. in dark souls 2, the flamberge looks like a hybrid between a zweihander and a saw.
claymores are scottish hand-and-a-half swords. they traditionally look very much like the one in dark souls, with the hand-guard and everything.

they are all reffering to the same kind of weapon though. a sword that can be wielded with one hand, but also two. considering the weight of these monsters, though, wielding them two-handed would be preferred. only problem then, is the lack of a shield
User avatar #62 to #45 - folkflunky (03/18/2014) [-]
I do know that Zweihander refers to a two-handed weapon, but I said it because of the things coming out from the sides.

And the shield thing: Although it is kinda bad to not have one, these are so ******* massive that I don't think you really need one anyways.
User avatar #29 to #20 - tylosaurus ONLINE (03/18/2014) [-]
Well, I don't think beerholder is wrong at all though. Dark souls has a difference in them, sure. However, look at this.

"Great sword[edit]

These include the long swords in both the Middle Ages[6][7][8][dubious – discuss] and Renaissance, like the "outsized specimens" - between 90 cm and 120 cm - such as the Oakeshott type XIIIa or Oakeshott type XIIa. These swords can be wielded with either one hand or with two hands, but their grip may be designed specifically for one hand, two hands, or the “hand-and-half” grip where the off-hand grips the pommel, depending on the preference of the wielder.
The Scottish name Claymore (Gaelic claidheamh mor, lit. "great sword")[9][10] can refer to either the longsword with a distinctive two-handed grip, or the basket-hilted sword[citation needed] developing from a rapier.[citation needed]"
#25 to #20 - beerholder (03/18/2014) [-]
mighty right there, I always confuse the two
User avatar #15 to #8 - berentzen (03/18/2014) [-]
******* Cold Steel (Name of the Company).
Great products, but their appearance gets more and more ridiculous.
User avatar #26 to #15 - nagafever (03/18/2014) [-]
looks like william wallace's 6foot sword
#11 to #8 - leobreacker (03/18/2014) [-]
Holy **** balls
User avatar #10 to #8 - iamcanadian (03/18/2014) [-]
****** hell
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