Gaming quotes in comp format. . People are not simple. be summarized for easy reference in the manner on _ e elves are a lithe. pointy earn! peopre who excel at Gaming quotes in comp format People are not simple be summarized for easy reference the manner on _ e elves a lithe pointy earn! peopre who excel at
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Gaming quotes in comp format

People are not simple. be summarized for easy
reference in the manner on _ e elves are a lithe. pointy earn!
peopre who excel at poverty, -stern. Dragon Age. -origins
Whenever airlifting. a
parting shall fa w. But that parting
needs not last for " Whether a
parting be "Y eraly for in
Majora' s Mask -
To see what " l
right. and not
courage." I
There it was.
the soundtrack
to my life. and.
r a few y
They let me k
did I ever lell yen
that? choose
whichever Spartan I
wanted. You flaw
me. I did my
research. Wacthed as
you became the
soldier we needed
you to be. Like the
others. you were
strong and swift and
brave. A natural
leader. But you had
something they
didn' t. no
an you guess."
was luck.
Life isn' t just about
passing on your genes. we
all leave behind mruch
more than just pun.
Through speech, music.
literature and Fruits...
what we' seen. heard.
felt. anger. joy and i
sorrow these are the
things t w.
That' s what We for. we
human race will probably
come man end some time.
and new species may rule
was planet. Earth
anay’ notha forever. out we
have the
H'"' to leave
363 If life we ca""
M the future and
rig the past alive are
and the same thing.‘ -
Solid Snake, Metal Gear
Solid 2: sons of Liberty
Relax son, enjoy
every moment!
You 'ight; then
eat good lad. l
l you 'ights then
drink "ree wine. l
You nghty then
beautiful women.
Hell. with [
wail wontons.
That is what " _
lama Graham
Lastly. waging war again“ quad people u had in the on
This in nal menu to you new but in the nos!
imparted thing he and
reposr, Is a
manna , all
if only they
sarthe truth.‘ -
Time. Time is an
construct. An 1 r e C
idea based on the
theory that events
new in a linear
direction. at all times.
Always forward, never
back. " the concept at
time toned? ls time H
relevant?" -
The Elder Serial ' e V
Oblivion '
w “Human fistory is a Hilary
meals If mi
afterlife T
There": a lot of
people back on
E - Earth dying while
we gather our
r l _ strength. They' re
wondering if we' re
ever coming back.‘
friends. family.
parents and
3/ ch ren. This isn' t
I their 'ight. But
they are buying us
ix time with their
shepard. Guass
Mr personal favorite.
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I was kinda mad that Borderlands 2 forced you to kill Angel cause I really didn't want to
#2 - schnizel
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(02/19/2014) [-]
User avatar #1 - rikter
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(02/19/2014) [-]
Sten said a lot of great things.