Game Theories part 2. I'm sorry if i'm reposting or that its been proven wrong i'm new to whole content thing. And when i say she wasn't supposed to die i meant

Game Theories part 2

I'm sorry if i'm reposting **** or that its been proven wrong i'm new to whole content thing.

And when i say she wasn't supposed to die i meant that she wasn't supposed to that early on.

Video Game Theories
Perhaps this is more wishful thinking than anything, but
wouldn' t it be awesome if Aeris didn' t die sideway through
Final Fantasy VII? There were countless rumours going around
shortly after release that Aerie could be saved by performing
various actions during the dating scenario early on, but they all
proved to be complete bunk; short of using a cheat disc to
modify the game, there was no way to legitimately save Aeris,
though it hasn' t stopped fans theorising that Aeris wasn' t sup-
posed to die originally.
The fact that Aeris has unused dialogue residing within the
game' s code past the point of her death suggests that perhaps
her demise was scheduled to arrive a little later, but most
compelling are the references to her character later on that
leave plenty of room for her to appear -an image on the game
manual shows Aeris standing by the Highwind, even though we
don' t gain access to it until after she is felled by Sephiroth.
Reaching a tad, perhaps? Well, what about the cliff edge you
pass just before fighting Sephiroth? There' s an indentation for
each of the major characters, but one is left empty- perhaps
this was initially supposed to be for Aeris?
finall: -ll Dir:
During Final Fantasy VIII, protagonist Squall is mortally
wounded by a huge icicle, and after a prompt disc change, we
find Squall in a prison with a fairly insignificant wound given the
trauma his body just went through. The theory? Squall died
from this attack, and the rest of the game is his "final fantasy"
as he fades away. This ending makes sense because, while it can
be a cheap affectation in many films, TV shows and so on, it
does add another emotional dimension to what we' just
spent ttr hours playing through.
Consider the fact that the game starts getting pretty surreal
after the disc change and it' s not hard to imagine that this really
is just some guy' s dying dream, The mast suggestive evidence is
the ending itself, which goes fillion trippy, with Squall’ s own
and Rinoa' s likenesses distorting, which many have suggested
signifies his dream coming to an end. Then, it ends on an idyllic,
calm, contemplative note which suggests that Squall is now at
peace in death.
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User avatar #3 - animexplain (04/07/2014) [+] (5 replies)
Any Metal Gear Solid OP? I love MGS.
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O.o Holy crap, the last one
O.o Holy crap, the last one
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>final fantasy
no thanks
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