GTA V in a nutshell. [Descriptions internally]. I: in:: and things why did i have to wake up Like - Comment . Share . 2 hours ago . it 3 people like this. rra,  gta Grand Theft Auto hookers Gambling therapist facebook live invader

GTA V in a nutshell

[Descriptions internally]

I: in:: and things
why did i have to wake up
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rra, : must have been having a good dream, that
kin o dream where you are a young black man coming up in
the world and are going to steal a car and you run into this pasty
middle aged white guy that helps you locate the can Then you go
to steal another car and it happens to belong to the pasty white
guys son and then he was gonna shoot you in the head but
offers you ajob instead. Then he introduces you to another fat
white guy that helps you and the pasty white guy rob a bank to
pay for a house the two of you destroyed., But then the pasty
white guys old he a bald white guy, finds out the pasty white
guy is still alive and goes to his house., A bunch of **** happens
and then the pasty white guy and bald white guy are working for
the FIE and drag you in the middle. Then the three of you rob
another bank. And then the bald white guy finds out the pasty
white guy lied to him and his friend the dead white guy is
actually dead. And then you. the pasty white guy, and the bald
white guy rob a giant money deposit somewhere. And then you
get a phone call asking you to kill either the bald white guy and
the pasty white guy. But being a true home, you call the fat
white guy and decide you don' t kill either of them. The three of
you eradicate everyone you ever worked for who screwed you
over afte awards, dump the last guy in the ocean while in the
trunk of his can and then carry on.
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