Fuck your opinion!. I unfortunatly do not know the original poster of this content however if you're out there, thank you.. I Leech Seed and Toxic went off the  fak u genwunners
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Fuck your opinion!

Fuck your opinion!. I unfortunatly do not know the original poster of this content however if you're out there, thank you.. I Leech Seed and Toxic went off the

I unfortunatly do not know the original poster of this content however if you're out there, thank you.

I Leech Seed and Toxic went off the same damage calculater when they were stacked, making Leech Seed drain double the damage
Toxic deaht and Terrie deal double the damage Leech Seed drained time you reached the end w a turn.
I Toxic turned inte nem" iaa mime if yeu switched em while under the stems cf it.
I Critical Hits were based eff w Speed, making Fast sweepers tho insane amounts of Hits.
Instakill moves were also based eff w Speed, making most cf them tatally useless because they were en slower dudes. .".t.. . .. W-'..
u Due to a glitch, Focus Energy CUTS YOUR CRITICAL HIT RATE BY 75% instead w doubling it like it' s SUPPOSED m dc.
I Criticals would ignore startups from both parties rather than just the target. 3 Swards Dances would dc mere damage than a Critical?
resulting in hilarious cocksucking scenarios. '
I Using Agility weild completely negate the Speed less hem Paralysis. As in, Paralysis cuts yew Speed in half, and Agility just gives
yeu back yew regular Speed stat and THEN derbles it. The same thing gees fer Swords Dance/ Bum.
I If yeu were Frozen, yeu' d NEVER thaw unless somebady used a Fire metre against yeu, er...
I Haze would thaw cut the enemy in addition its intended effect.
I We cerld use Chunter on OHKO metres to instakill yew enemies. We cerld also use Chunter en a metre that hit your Substitute. _
Combine the previous Chunter hilarity with the fact that it only works en and Fighting attacks. . 'i',
You had m says eyery time yeu wanted switch Boxes. .
EVERY attack in the game (except fer Swift] had at least a 1/ 256 chance w missing.
I Warp, Bind, Fire Spin, and Clamp prevented the opponent from daing ANYTHING fer metres. Also, if yeu switched wt while yeu
were helding the enemy, they' ll STILL be considered trapped during the switching turn.
I Woodwind and Rear didnt do anything in Versus. If the enemy startups, were .
If yeu kill somebady with Hyper Beam you den' t have m recharge.
n You know hew Rest restores status? We know hew Burn lawers Attack and Paralysis lawers Speed? Well, f yeu use Rest, you get rid
of the status, yeah, but yew stats still stay lowered until you switch. There' s a paint where you just give up asking abaut these
q Ghosts are immune Struggle because the latter is type instead w typeless.
t) q If yeu are hit with a supereffective move, the message that displays only reflects whether or net the metre was
teii; against the enemy' s SECOND type.
I If yeu tee high yew stat weild ml ayer into hilariously lew numbers.
I Waking up frem Sleep takes an entire turn all its ewn. Hope you like being put back m sleep, because yeu just announced your
enemy m just that!
Substitutes den' t protect yeu frem Status. If somebady kills a Sub with Hyper Beam, they dent have recharge. If somebady kills
a Sub with Explosion or Selfdestruct, THEY DON' T DIE FROM USING .
q I If yeu use the metre Substitute when yeu have exactly 25% HP left, we' ll kill yourself.
alit f I Rage. Oh god, Rage. Damage hem Rage increases, a level at a time, every time yeu take a hit. - as seen as Rage
connects, the user will step obeying and be unable to use any other metres er switch cut UNTIL IT DIES. Net just that, but it nearer
lases any PP in Rage ether than the initial 1. ON TOP OF THAT, if Rage etter misses, it' s accuracy becames 1/ 256
u Mimic randomly mimics an enemy metre. We can use this to have duplicate metres en your .
I Disable randomly disables an enemy metre. It also builds the Rage chunter. _
I If yeu use Bide, and the enemy uses a move, it cements as f they used whatever they hit you with LAST TURN fer Bide , _
damage when you chunter. This means you can' t always avoid getting chuntered by Side. '
q Blizzard has SURE. accuracy. Even if this is intentional, it' s still faking retarded..
When a ' s HP is 255 er 511 below its max HP, recettear metres will fail. Dent ask, just dent.
if " I Multishot metres use the same number fer damage. If ene hit criticals, they ALL will.
I Alright, get this. Say f you use Fly er Dig and you up high/ dig undergrounds- but en the tum yeu' re supposed to attack you fully
paralyse or hit yourself due to confusion. You STAY IN HIGH/ UNDERGROUND MODE UNTIL YOU SWITCH OUT OR USE THAT MOVE " 7
AGAIN. As in, the enemy will NEVER be able to hit you again unless they use Swift er you LET them hit you. )l. lailii. i.'
u hahahahahahah the special stat
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