Frank. worth the read. we me bbe 15 flattest kid in high school tourtured constantly by assholes IN know I can lose weight, Must don' t try bully of all is a la Frank worth the read we me bbe 15 flattest kid in high school tourtured constantly by assholes IN know I can lose weight Must don' t try bully of all is a la
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Frank. worth the read. we me bbe 15 flattest kid in high school tourtured constantly by assholes IN know I can lose weight, Must don' t try bully of all is a la

worth the read

we me
bbe 15
flattest kid in high school
tourtured constantly by assholes
IN know I can lose weight, Must don' t try
bully of all is a lanky, skinny piece of shit
Ads just call him dipshit
Mast day of school, thank god
wit in the park to find peace
tthere' s an old man a few benches down, reading a newspaper
A have a moment of absolute piece
Hey, Anon"
tthe unmistakable rasp of this douchebag‘ s voice
tthink of Syndromes voice from the Incredibles
Wanna ride my skateboard? Wait, no, you' re so fat that you might break it."
terrible and badly worded insult, but it still fucking hurts
A don' t respond
What the fuck IS this? Are you trying to ignore me? It won' t work I knowthat you can see
and hear me, landmass."
has hit the red section
And as long as I know those two things wwill never leave, fatty."
yhe rambles for what seems like hours, some of his friends come along the same route
and join in
A hear a new voice.
At‘ s the old man a few benches down
dipshit looks over
What do you want, gramps?
tthe old man takes out a cigar and lights t saying
l would not make fun of peoples weight if I were you,"
Why not?"
Because when your entire arm is skinnier than most men' s dicks, you should realize you
have a weight problem, too."
hearth's glorious insult.
tthere' s more, continue?
wt! right, so dipshit and his friendslist freeze
Instead of responding they just leave, extremely embarrassed
that their told by an old man.
A look at the old man
was literally staring off into the direction the pack of assholes are
ajust before they round the corner, he yells:
I see you' re turning in the direction of the gay bar!"
tthere was indeed, a gay bar in the direction they were turning
Amy stopped for one second
tthe best comeback they had was yelling:
Amy shouldn' t have said that
tthe old man countered it perfectly
Fuck ME? No, sorry, I don' t want to Win your little orgy later. And what are you doing
interested in someone my age, anyway?"
yhere i am, sitting on this bench, losing my shit because of this old mans insults
yhe then makes sure they leave, and then sits down next to me
wwe begin to chat
tthe entire street block is staring at us
wwe don' t give a shit
Tthanks man.
Oh, no trouble kid, he got what he deserved.
s your name?
Franklin, but you can call me Frank. Yours?
Pleased to meet you, Anon.
as well, Frank.
Shrank pauses for a moment
we then turns to me and asks:
Have you ever done anything to deserve the bullshit he just gave you?
I' m just overweight, so he targets me.
A skinny little bitch insulting someone who could kill them merely by sitting on them?
You have to show him that you mean business.
A have heard every single word he said, and i play the scene out in my head, me
trying to Rght him
A lose and get humiliated in front of the entire school
no, I' d... I' d rather not, I' ll just ignore him until he quits.
Shrank stabs his cane down
How do get rid of cancer?
Fight it?
Exactly! It never goes away, but if you beat it enough, its presence won' t bother you.
does cancer have to so with any of this?
That skinny little shit? He is cancer. He sees someone who won' t fight back, he sees
someone he can consume. And yet, here you sit, acting like he' s a minor headache.
minor headache"
You have Mo choices. Let him fuck with your life, or beat the shit out of him. I see him
come through this park every day. You can wait on this bench to fuck him up.
we, this guy is fucking insane
Am sorry Frank, but I think it would just be best to avoid confrontation.
we looks me in the eye
You' ll see, Anon.
A go home, meet my dad
Anally good guy, and practically all i have left
mmy mother didn' t... exactly want me
wwe just up and left around a month after my birth
Ave never even met her
aat least my dad gave a shit about his responsibilities
Hey, Anon, you happy school is out?
wads watching a baseball game
A sit down in a chair beside him and watch upwith him
You know, Anon, we could spend the entire damn summer watching these games.
we' d get even fatter.
Then we could take the place of orca whales in Sea World.
agame is over, igo to bed
A wake up, Flest day of summer, hell yes.
ggo downstairs to kitchen
ddad' s at the fridge
we takes out an almost emptying of milk
Well, shit."
we looks at me
Hey Anon, could you go to the store next to the park and get some milk? I' gotta get
to work and I don' t have time for shopping on the way."
we gives me enough to buy two jugs, and i set out
bbuy the jugs, exit the store with two bags, one for each jug
wee Frank sitting across on his usual bench
A walk up and say hi
Hello, Anon, how are you doing today?
What' s in the bags?
dad asked me to get some.
Responsible. You' re a good kid.
A wasjust about to get into a nice conversation with Frank when... you guessed it
and friends
Aha fucking faggot
What's up, Lard Boy? Hanging out with the man with one foot in the grave'?"
yhis friends acted like it was the best insult ever
afred pipes up
Why yes, we are hanging out, and so are you queers, your dicks hanging out."
They hang out because their longer old man."
The only thing long about you is your anal passage, so you can Flt whatever size dick
you want in there."
swings at Frank
we looks at me and says one word
we then looks at the milk jug and nods
yhe wants me to hit this fucker with the milk
won' t think about it, just pick it up and slam it overhue fuckers head
wwe have a few patches where a lot of drops hit us, but dipshit is soaked
is white as a ghost new
Shrank looks up at him and his friends
yhe gives them the coldest stare i have ever seen and says:
Got milka
Get out of here, go fuck each other or something."
run, the actually fucking RUN
A sit back with the old man, out of breath, my heart beating like crazy
yhe reaches for his beard and gets a little bit of milk that found it' s way there
yhe puts his finger in his mouth and tastes it
his lips, he says:
Hamm... tastes like soaked faggot.
wwe fucking lose it
Shrank gives me money to buy anothergun of milk
A go home
never bothers me again
afrunk and I are best friends
wad never knows about what happened
At ain' t over yet, guys, there is still so much more to this story
aand a whole Iona more Franklin
all ready for this shit?
we i give frank my address and tell him to come over some time
A come home and tell dad i made a friend who' ll be coming over in the next few days
wad is... surprisingly cool with this
days later, Frank is there
wwe sit down to eat (dad is a surprisingly good cook, he made some lasagna that night
Shrank says to dad:
Did you know your son was being bullied?
wad freezes
No, I didn' t, Anon, why didn' t you tell me?
Shrank interrupts
No need to worry now. We took care of it.
Let' s leave out the details.
Mike i said, he never knew
Shrank pipes up
But, I' d like to avoid it again, and because of this, I would like to attack the reason your
son was treated badly. His weight.
A freeze
I' m not going to force you into this, and I' m not going to help you without your father' s
approval, but I can really help you get in shape.
mmy dad pauses, and nods his head
Shrank turns to me
Now, listen, Anon, I am not going to make you do this, it' s your choice. But once we
start, there is no turning back."
Am just ready for this nightmare to end
A nod my head
Alright, we start tomorrow, meet me in the park at 11: 00 AN."
we began
Shrank Flest had me run as many laps around the park as i could, he said this would
build up my stamina and make all the important workouts easier
aon the Flest day i didn' t even make it halfway
A nearly cried, I felt so pathetic
Shrank comes up to me and says the nicest shit:
You are doing incredibly well, very few people actually run as long as they can, but I
can tell by how exhausted you are that you are actually trying, rest on the bench, and
then when you' re rested you can try this again, alright?"
we, I do this around six times in one day
A didn' t notice, but Frank told me I got farther every time
bby the end of the day I had actually ran the full lap
sso, for four weeks I run, near the end i could run TEN FUCKING LAPS, I WAS SO
A lose a fucking INCREDIBLE 15 pounds doing this shit.
A go from 230 lbs to 215
wwe then start to do exercises, several different types in one day, so we can work on
multiple parts of my body at once
wwe lift weights, do pushups (sucked at those), pull ups (those, too), all kinds of shit.
An one week I lose 5 pounds
oover the next two months, i lost 30 pounds
A was then 180 pounds, the perfect weight for my height
skids at school notice me getting better
Aer the next It school years I live like a normal student
AR all because of Frank, too.
tthere' s more, guys, a lot more
Shrank is there for my high school graduation
Kid, I am so fucking proud of you. I don' t think I' cried murderthon this in my entire
tthe old man gives me a hug
yhe encourages my dad to get a bettering
wad actually does, we get a bigger house, life is so much better new
Shrank is there when I leave for college
Good luck, Anon. I' ll see you whenever you visit."
Shrank does see me whenever I visit
tthe old man cries when I graduate and hugs me tight
l hate crying, but good lord I could drown in a river ofmy own tears I' m so proud.
tthen, something happened to dad
ssomething bad
drunk driver slammed into him
tthe shock from the impact killed him instantly
Shrank was new all i had left
A inherited dad' s money, his house...
Shrank was in tears at the funeral
At broke my heart to see this hard ass motherfucker break down crying
tthe drunk driver came over one day to face what he had done, and... Frank was there
A had to pull the old man off of the guy, i thought he was going to kill him
A had never seen him that violent
aand then more things... came about
3 years"
You have three years, Franklin."
ffucking melanoma
Am driving him home, and he says to come inside his house.
yhe comes outwith a picture of a woman and baby
Shrank, what is this?
a picture of mylife Elizabeth and our daughter Johanna."
where are they?
yhe just looks at me and i know what he means
House fire. I was the only one who made it out. We were married for three years, and
Joanna, she was only 3 weeks old."
are you showing me this now?
Tll tell you, in time."
forward three more wars
calls me
Shrank wants to see me
we, of course I go
Hey, Anon."
aoh god he' s so thin... why did this have to happen to him?
Come closer."
yhe pulls out that picture of his wife and daughter
aand then he says his in my ear:
l showed you that picture... because you are the closest thing to a child I' ever
really had."
was crying new
You, unlike everybody else, you sat down, you talked to me, you actually liked me."
yhe sniffles
l love you, Anon, even if you aren' t my son, I love you."
few minutes later
ccry like a Fucking baby
A miss you old man.
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#1 - acivcrusader
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(08/31/2014) [-]
******* beatiful.
#10 - nikolaier
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(08/31/2014) [-]
User avatar #19 to #10 - dreamcast
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(08/31/2014) [-]
That cheered me up.
#14 to #10 - Killerwale
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(08/31/2014) [-]
#3 - nekubakeneko
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(08/31/2014) [-]
#13 - saxong
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(08/31/2014) [-]
MFW no Cotton Eye Joe/Walk the Dinosaur
#9 - grimreafer
Reply +6 123456789123345869
(08/31/2014) [-]
That is one of the sadest things I have ever read but at least OP and the old man each had someone in there lives that actually cared for one another
#11 - matoran
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(08/31/2014) [-]
My feelings went up and down throughout this story, damn.
#24 - superbla
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(08/31/2014) [-]
That is the greatest man I've ever heard of. R.I.P Frank.
User avatar #16 - rambochicken
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(08/31/2014) [-]
**** me that was worth the read, 10/10
#12 - alecmason
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(08/31/2014) [-]
#17 - dreamcast
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(08/31/2014) [-]
That was beautiful.
That was beautiful.