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User avatar #1 - jleblucypher (08/04/2014) [-]
A simple no would've sufficed but damn that slap was awesome
User avatar #3 - murphymcbean (08/04/2014) [-]
While that little faggot deserves a nice ripe slap in the mouth, I cant help but like had it been the other way around he would be in prison now.
#5 - anon (08/07/2014) [-]
Why can't people understand that this is rape, and u should be ashamed to think this is funny. that little bastard should lose his balls sack by shark attack. ******* WHITE PRIVILAGED MEN!
#4 - mrwalkerfour (08/04/2014) [-]
User avatar #2 - goddamnwizard (08/04/2014) [-]
the only proper response
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