For the Emperor!. . AVE IMPERATOR WE ARE HUMANITY LOOK UPON OUR WORKS AND TREMBLE I Anonymous ( Thu) 17: 22 No. 17147135 Filer 323382930. [ KB, 772x483 , I 31 8 For the Emperor! AVE IMPERATOR WE ARE HUMANITY LOOK UPON OUR WORKS AND TREMBLE I Anonymous ( Thu) 17: 22 No 17147135 Filer 323382930 [ KB 772x483 31 8
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For the Emperor!

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I Anonymous ( Thu) 17: 22 No. 17147135
Filer 323382930. [ KB, 772x483 , I 31 8354036058. jpg)
Tau' re not thinking positively man. Of causse the Emps is protecting us. When was the last time Wu
saw a ravening warp daemon? Exactly.
The lack of anything approaching proof never stopped any other religion.
To sell it, Wu need to emphasise the fundamental quality ofthe Human soul.
Established religion tells people they are weak and sinful and shameful.
Tau tell them they' re are blessed and holy and powerful.
Tau point them at the wanders of man, can create miracles.
Teach them brotherhood and unity instead of division.
Teach them strength and hanar in their humanity instead of shame.
Shawties the sky and the light ofa million stars and tell them am destiny.
To walk amongst the stars and tame them.
And teach them they need have no fear.
Forthe Emperor protects. Always.
Simply tell them what they wish to hear. What they know in the hearts to be true.
Religions in this wand use foarte enthrall , take what should be natural andjust and make it evil er sinful.
I Anonymous ( Thu) 17: 23 No. 17147150
jpg-( 720 KB, 1024x768, 1319998032296. jpg)
Christ tells Wu Wu are sinful beyond redemption through no fault of yam awn.
The Wu to be proud.
Tau are human, perfect in form, perfect in mind.
Nothing an the face ofthe wand compares to yau.
Tau lave, , yam anger and yes even yam hate, is to be human.
It is to be true to yam nature.
Christ offers Wu shame. The Emperor offers Wu pride in wha Wu are.
Allah expects mere obedience, yet what Wes he offer in return?
Nothing, except sparing us his lash as long as we continue am obediance.
The Emperor asks for yam loyalty, but only in his cause, that of all mankind, to build a .
Forthat future he gave everything.
What has Allah sacrificed??
What ofthe Hindu and Buddhists!
They tell us this wand is suffering.
That to abandon hope and desire is the best a man can hope for.
Lies. Every word.
I Anonymous ( Thu) 17: 25 No. 17147167
jpg-( 101 KB, 768x1024, 646545. jpg)
The future of mankind is the stars. It' s unity throughout the skies, to see the wanders ofthe universe laid out
befire him. There is something special in all of us. The spark allive anyday and happiness. The human soul,
pure and incorruptable. It' s spirit burns a billion torches in teh dark, banishing the shadows of
defeatism and gloom.
Never listen to these wha tell Wu that life is suffering and existence is meaningless. That way madness and
decay lies.
It'll Wu this brothers, a message that needs telling mare northan ever. It is a simple message, that should be heard in every
earner ofthe globe, echoing from the highest mountain to the deepest oceans.
We have PURPOSE.
Forget am petty wars and divisions, forthe greater struggle lies out there, against a universe that has recognised am
greatness and in it' s fear seeks to destrey us.
We can be united, The Emperor has shawn us the way forward.
Free from the lies affense prophets, falsehoods of dying gods, united in the great mission that lies ahead.
I Anonymous 12/ CE/ 11( Thu) 17: 26 No. 17147183
jpg-( 42 KB, 200x444, Heresay. jpg)
There are same I know, that these wards will not be enough. Farfech and doubt still lie heavy an their hearts and
souls. So this I say to yau. The aver all of us. He is with us every moment. His strength is am
strength. Guarding us. Protecting us whilst we do his holy work. Death when it cames has no power avergae
servants ofthe emperah, and when we die we shall sit in vigil at his side, watching ever a netherworld we helped
create. What mare cauld a man ask?
Let me tell Wu of my dreams brather. I dream ifthat terrible eye. The hame ifthat mast greatest evil. And I smile.
Why?" Tau might ask. Because in that all consuming darkness I see a star. A star any other. It grows and as it
grows the darkness fades. And the star calls out. and then I see them. First the angels. The same ofthe faithful, all marching
in unison. With every step they take, the daemonic cry out in agony. And then I see his armies. his Space Marines, His
Inquisition, His Imperial Guard. the combined might of humanity all gathered tegether. All marching. The living and the dead.
And then I see the dark gods themselves. And they are afraid. Rememberable the Emperor has taught us, we are humanity
and nothing can hope to stop us.
I Anonymous 12/ 08/ 1 I (Thu) 18: 32 No. 17147921
Imperial Creed motherfucker!
Is there any other belief system/ philosophy that tells Wu that Wu are capable of Wing something and that
Wu are good?
Because every other belief systemroot plain shits an Wu and view. Tau are either a sinner er a feel
er unenlightened.
Only Emperor reveals the fact that Humanity can go and do good without being shackled to fear and
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