Feels. (worth the read). . Mun no Rast gar you, on H you " shy no idly .- I haw a mu puppy no diam] I f -moron or no no molly may old stroy? vaer- ' on no on no Feels (worth the read) Mun no Rast gar you on H " shy idly - I haw a mu puppy diam] f -moron or molly may old stroy? vaer- '
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Feels. (worth the read)

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Mun no Rast gar you, on H
you " shy
no idly .- I haw a mu puppy
no diam] I f -moron or no
no molly may old stroy?
vaer- ' on no on non.
J) if, ' 1' you gar so our no mend
you our youfools
you no a om. noon, he
mun . at tho he
named you an =
Moro haw Loon
mam maroon:
our you unpaid
lo anyway ck: by an
I dun! rah you my moan
you didnt know how to an
Mont no of do,
donut? know
how to Hark’?
hurt you waldo?
or Nat chaped?
not no time
you fund o an our
no you started mono on it?
Mani no HELL. on
any woo you In now
yon anolog so my
I scald»! ad
for o v/ an
oolong have hm no bad
turnip? you moor sum
shy woodnt you moron to Inc?
an o. wound into on nor
u. amour taks you with no
no new or you
I Mm to VIII? a flu times
our it wand o ' arity
and busy, on igno up
no out
do not no
you om gluing so can bank
on other no
an not . you mo min no
i noon C you om cwrt o on
no its not no
I an know
haw you run. Jug
My kid no
haw yard 50 and stay our all day
no only on. soon
I o at an
no l no
that moo. nor no my sister ml.
no my an no ' fair
how you itally
haw to on
cuss no l on
maybe you Maud no Juno
no may told no
how you on
really an
no slaw
no hay
no l no
that moo. Just no my f,
no my told no
haw you wind away our no
I "member
loony you
on on rm walk
you but a amp
right In ths mo
no Jud Mun a
van about! to you
val sum
In on no to Mo you
it moo
ll you mar no
at no bus an
and In
woo dump his
I no - rank
m would allay: u
be his for lion»
and i
to you
about on ths
sunk! -m' kly an
Iii: new
I you In WW
no tool Jay
at my no wheel
Brat I our my with
nobody mono our
loan... a spin? or or Noun
washing It our
with no only on
i our Mo
Insulate no
i van o xdann‘ luv
you lavage no
M no lam
no all my ow tuckin,
you moo and - no
u a told you It M
haw my rm mono. nos
mono nah ohm
lo nor an on nor.
how wan piano low for room
may rum in If
no «moo. no bid
how my animal own.
you no Mr onus: moon in moved
our on down! only
on can on. any moon
a noon noonoo
no on a guy q
no no omen poo.
you vii! on and norm
lo awry word
how an ! -491 yang boy
no no } -alga young mono.
on “own noon who
an Meats no herb
no roar slow, perky kid
high we rugby
and moon and room
no moron guy on no roan
an only lino no mar did
nor on o your. but Mal
haw an validly awkward
and my my boy
destroyed o
by Loan, THAT guy
no guy o on on
no mono
who only noun your or an any mono.
AFTER As - no affair roan ml
my Ad you low. to loom. an M g
mill no no mud, to trr you
I to roll you
I moo pot for good
and Inland to horn
into 'art'
my roar low
in no on
ta an anon
and alwell
our homo
i zumoto' tty, on
no no ram. did
yard be all -
D angry on no
no men
bam you Merl, ? our anon a moor.
you “ nononoo to Are L my an MW can
In opal. of my chums
your moor mood has Y" -Innr - In
bull (agar you
my do I dump
a, wt: -ything wrung
my um a to
o mono
no may did I only start
ailing you dog
afterr Isalnd
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User avatar #5 - amuzen
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(11/18/2013) [-]
we had my dog of 18 years (I'm 19) put down two months ago, the week before I started college and I still feel pretty guilty about it, sort of like I betrayed him.

He had gotten bad. Really bad, and it was the most horrible experience ever.
He went blind in both eyes and partially deaf and one of his eyes had started to rot out, at the time the vet said we couldn't remove the rotting eye because it would kill him outright and that he would probably only have a month to live regardless, that was two years before we had him put down, when the vet came to the house to put him down I'm told she was amazed that he was still alive because his body was full of tumours and even the slightest movement would cause him horrible pain, she said the only thing that really seemed to still be working was his heart.
me and this dog had a hell of an adventure together,
one time when we went for a walk, he ran into the bushes up the mountain barking and then a moment later he came running down faster than I've ever seen before and almost knocked me over, apparently he had found a black bears den and decided to piss it off, we both ran down the mountain as fast we could all the way home to scared to look back to see if it was following us.
one time him this husky/wolf hybrid buddy of his stole a car.
one time he got into the stockings on christmas and ate all the oranges
one time he bit an electrical cord and got electrocuted then stopped looked at it puzzeled and bit it again just to make sure
one time he caught an eagle twice his size who hurt its wing and not knowing what to do with it spent the next hour guarding it.
one time he found a kitten and he adopted it as his own for a full month.
he was with me when I moved from the US to canada, and he lived with me in 10 different cities.
He was the only one by my side on my 19th birthday and every Christmas I would lay out a sleeping bag and sleep next to him since I was 4.
This post reminds me of him...
User avatar #7 - dissectedtesticle
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(11/18/2013) [-]
#6 - AmaterasuNoOkami
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(11/18/2013) [-]
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#4 - shitposting
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(11/18/2013) [-]
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#3 - shitposting
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(11/18/2013) [-]
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#2 - xerros
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(11/18/2013) [-]
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#1 - etiology
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(11/18/2013) [-]