Favorite Green Text. Repost. I Anonymous DWI ( Thu) til H tlel, Oh god, one of these threads? Here we go- we in third grade at a school assembly shave tn shit r repost
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Favorite Green Text

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I Anonymous DWI ( Thu) til H tlel,
Oh god, one of these threads? Here we go-
we in third grade at a school assembly
shave tn shit real bad. feeling ill and feverish
ewe all get seated en the gym
hholy fuck Hugo the Hornet is here! (Charlotte Hornets" NBA team mascot back when they were the Charlotte Hornets)
have to shit m bad that We having cold sweats
swearing . underwear (l had a phase in elementary school where I lust didnt wear any. felt good man)
the Hornet starts picking up kids and flipping them ever in his hands and setting back down
retarting feel dizzy from holding in my shit
sees him walking my way
she' s coming RIGHT FOR ME
we picks me up and begins flip me ever
she' s squeezing my gut
we I' m upside down. diarrhea begins fly out of my ass and cut the leg of my sheds arcing through the air gracefully
eaten screaming
agate all ever Huge and sprays all evanthe kids sitting in frend of me. hear it plop en the gym floor as well
an alea gets all ever my face and in my mouth because I was screaming
then drops me en myfucking head. into a pile of my ewn shit. hear him loudly say "WHAT THE FUCK"
takes off his head and reveals himself as a black man He puker en the Mor.
tthe music has stopped. the reem is dead silent
the fetal position
wavered in my ewn shit and cant stop farting/ shitting as I Haythere
eaten crying
mass out
awake up with demesne carrying me out ofthe gym. holding me at a distance
tthe tiny breathable holes in my work like a shit calander. leaking shit water everywhere. leaving the hard bits in my sheds
mass out again
From then on i was "The kid who shit on Hugo the Hornet"
f% pli" post:
333139511 333133523 :): C) :): ' 333140612 333140343 :)
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#2 - moosecream
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(12/29/2013) [-]
>have ****** janitor job at local school
>one day principal comes up to me "hey anon, i want you to represent the charlotte hornets mascot at tomorrows assembly
>charlotte hornets were my favorite team for years so sure
>come on out at assembly, kids roaring and cheering for me, everyones going crazy
>crowd cheering for me gets me pretty pumped,
>remember how i used to wish i could be a professional basketball player
>get caught up in the moment feeling like a famous professional basketball player
>go on into crowd and flip one of the kids
>they go nuts, suddenly everyone wants me to flip them
>after flipping a few kids and having a geat time i see one kid in particular
>looks kind of mopey and down
>i run my blue hornet ass over to him like a white ******* knight
>"get ready kid because today is the day dreams come true"
>grasp him and get ready for the flip
>half way through kid just ******* explodes like a **** piniata
>asscano erupting all over the other children as the little **** lets loose a banshee screech from his prepubescent throat
>disgusted, gagging and startled i accidently drop the little **** on his head
>**** has seeped through my mask and dripping on my face
>instantly remove mask and blow chunks in front of the hundreds of little kids stealing their away their hopes and dreams
>kid passes out in a pool of **** and puke and all the other kids are staring at me like im some kind of psychopath
>kid gets carried off by principal and i get fired for being too rought with the kids.
#1 - DangerToManifold
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(12/29/2013) [-]