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Something that always restores my faith in humanity is the highway of heroes. In Canada during the Afghanistan war the dead soldier and their family would drive in a hearse between CFB Trenton and the coroners office in Toronto. On a large stretch (over 160km) of the most heavily trafficked highway in Canada (the 401), the overpasses all the way in between those two locations would be crowded with people waving flags and waiting rain or shine, 30C above or below, potentially for hours depending on the traffic conditions. All of that to welcome home dead soldiers and show support for the grieving families riding in the hearses. Finally in 2007 the government just flat-out renamed that section of the highway the highway of heroes, this after a few years of the tradition taking place.

My brother served two tours in Afghanistan, and while I'm a gigantic pacifist hippy, I support soldiers regardless of whether or not I agree with the war they are fighting. In December 2008 4 of my brothers best friends died in Afghanistan when their LAV hit a road-side bomb. My mom pulled me out of school for that afternoon and we drove out to one of the overpasses and stood on the side-walk with 50 other people. It was in the middle of a bit of a snowstorm, so the traffic was slow and we were there for 4 hours waiting in the cold. Every once in a while someone from the group would go to a Tim Horton's down the road and bring back 20 coffees for the group to share around and keep warm with. It was one of the most inspiring and heartfelt days I've experienced.
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US Army brat reporting for feels.

Thank you, thank you to your brother, and to his friends. For whatever it is worth to you, you and he have my respect, and his friend's families are in my prayers
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Looked TL; almost DR.

Did read. Was worth.