Facts comp 2. Well, I didnt think I would be posting the second, but here goes. Thanks for the thumbs/views dudes.. 1. The TSAR Bomba was the largest Nuclear bo facts

Facts comp 2

Well, I didnt think I would be posting the second, but here goes.
Thanks for the thumbs/views dudes.

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1. The TSAR Bomba was
the largest Nuclear bomb
ever used. It was
tested/ made by the
Russians. It was moped
in Death Valley, and
people watching the
explosion got
It was equal to 57, 000, 000
tonnes of TNT
2. Tanzanian is one of the
Earth' s rarest gems. Only
found one place in Africa,
these blue gems are
more valuable
than diamonds.
3. An average of 150 or
less people a year will be
killed by falling coconuts.
This is more common
than death by shark
4. The Sandbox tree
Hura Crediting), or
Grenade Fruit Tree" Has
exploding fruit. When
the pumpkin shaped fruit
mature, They will
explode, spreading seeds
all over the blast radius.
These seeds and debris
travel over 150 MHP.
Nobody has been killed Swt
by one yet. Also, the bark
is very poisonous, and it
has spikes inches all
over the bark.
4. The Angels Trumpet plant
is a plant that is a voodo
weapon. If the flowers are
ground up and blown in
somebody' s face, they will
become a real voodoo
zombie slave. The chemicals
in the flower paralyze
people, and become
unconcious". The person
will be fully awake, but has
no idea or recognition of
what is happening. You
could tell them to do
anything, and they would
comply. A pair of robbers
used this, and the victim
had no memory at all.
5. Some venus flytrap
plants can eat a frog.
or even mice.)
6. The Giant Pitcher Plant
Is large
enough to eat a rat.
7. The Devils Hand Tree
has flowers that look like
hands. (This tree is
8. Snakehead Fish can
live on land. Up to 2
months. These are fish,
not amphibians. They
evolved to do this
because when the small
ponds dried up, they
needed to find a new
pond, so they evolved to
live in dry land, and crawl
using . fin
9. Necrotizing fasciitis is a
flesh eating bacteria. It
colonizes with strep B,
and tetanus. You can get
it by getting cut by
something rusty( there
are other ways too but
that is more common.)
It is rare, but people can
die in 18 hours after
contracting the bacteria.
Idem think you wana
see pictures of this.,
10. Within your life time,
you could have spent
over 400 dollars on a
burger. (POTENTIAL
This quarter is worth
because it has a
rare error/ defect on it.
11. This penny...
is worth alot of money.
000 dollars is its
highest yield (So far.)
in 1943, pennies were
struck in zinc, because
copper was needed in
the war effort. These
pennies look silver
because of the zinc.
But somewhere in
production there was an
error. Someone left a
copper blanched in, and
40 copper pennies were
minted. They got into
circulation, and today are
one of the rarest coins in
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User avatar #1 - allcontent (12/30/2013) [+] (11 replies)
stickied by allcontent
I KNOW death valley is wrong, sorry. dont post endless chains about it.
User avatar #16 - jacodpwns (12/30/2013) [+] (3 replies)
the largest bomb detonated was Starfish Prime, it was a Hydrogen bomb that was invented by the USA and was detonated high in the atmosphere, as not to injure anyone on the surface. it caused damage to electrical equipment almost 900 miles away from the detonation point.
#20 to #16 - ricaboo (12/30/2013) [-]
You sir are wrong.   
The Tsar Bomba was far more powerful than Starfish Prime. It had the strength of 50 to 58 megatons of TNT, compared to the American's measly 1,4 to 1,45.
You sir are wrong.
The Tsar Bomba was far more powerful than Starfish Prime. It had the strength of 50 to 58 megatons of TNT, compared to the American's measly 1,4 to 1,45.
#23 - sneakybeaver (12/30/2013) [+] (1 reply)
those pennies minted in 1943 are made of steel
#42 - makutasfinest (12/31/2013) [+] (2 replies)
No, No I think I do want to see some pictures of Necrotizing fasciitis
No, No I think I do want to see some pictures of Necrotizing fasciitis
User avatar #52 to #42 - witislimited (12/31/2013) [-]
Google search is your friend.
But if the sight of dicks, assholes, legs and faces eaten and infected by bacteria disturbs you, you probably don't want to see.
#17 - wtfcantiusenumbrs (12/30/2013) [+] (1 reply)
...and a lot of your facts are inaccurate.
User avatar #5 - deepgreen (12/30/2013) [+] (1 reply)
what about the guys who droped the bomb? I hope they're ok
User avatar #6 to #5 - allcontent (12/30/2013) [-]
they survived it. bunch of badass videos on youtube about that thing
tried finding the original footage but its disappeared..
User avatar #60 - tombbmot (12/31/2013) [-]
World's Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive) Devils breath
#59 - anonymous (12/31/2013) [-]
Pretty sure the Tsar bomb was detonated in Novaya Zemlya in northern Russia
User avatar #51 - DiAnonLord (12/31/2013) [+] (1 reply)
the angel's trumpet, if you make a tea with it, is a super powerfull hallucinogenic which will cause a 3 day trip
User avatar #40 - rottens (12/31/2013) [-]
That Necrotizing Fasciitis is interesting. Just spent about 20 mins looking at pictures..
User avatar #39 - sequel (12/31/2013) [+] (1 reply)
"The Devils Hand Tree has flowers that look hands."

No **** , hence it's name.
User avatar #38 - FUUUU (12/31/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Tanzanite is found at the base of Kilimanjaro. Not in Africa.
#36 - ibanezvbt (12/31/2013) [-]
I will have to say one that caught me off wrong was the angel trumpets. Although it has been used by tribal and religious (including Hindu monks of the highest order use it to get closer to there gods) acts. It does not what so ever put you in a total zombie act. I have had the horrendous pleasure of this plant first hand multiple times. I even grew it and ingest it for a study paper (college life) 1. The flower itself has almost no poisonous properties. It all is concentrated in the buds (much like pot) 2. When you are in those states of mind (their are a few) you go from kind of here think crazy homeless guy to not really here padded cell guy to coma. In the functional body states you are extremely animistic. hard for you to even comprehend what others are saying, much less to comply. even with others friend wanting to try (college life again) one tends to resort to anger if another tries to impede on their "trip"....now for anyone think of doing this **** let me just remind you that you have a 1 in 6 chance of dying from it each time you use it (so row a die and see if you die) The buds toxins differ each and every time (even from the same plant) so one bud can do only a little and the other could kill you. This is the reason why it hasn't really ever been one of those mainstream drugs. plus you vomit, have convulsion...and not to mention the fact that what you see seems so real to you that you forget your life and everything you know is gone during it. It is one of the most evil (and i hate using that word but it's basically the simplest way to describe it) things I've done for 8 months. They say that there is life before and after doing acid, mushroom, peyote etc. but that **** right there is the text book definition of it. some of my friends even developed PTSD from it...bottom line story may be "true" but what they said happened was false...and it is a Hell of drug...hell of a drug
User avatar #34 - LunarLunatic (12/30/2013) [-]
I just wanted to say that the Tsar bomba that was detonated was around 50mt, but they also made (or designed) a 100mt bomb.
And by the way, I think that some people might enjoy this site
It has different bombs that you can simulate the explosion radius of.
#31 - anonymous Comment deleted by allcontent [-]
User avatar #24 - spanishiqiustion (12/30/2013) [+] (5 replies)
13 favorites im worried about the white angel trumpet plant
#18 - bluwizard (12/30/2013) [-]
an artist made two pennies that had a secret hatch in the side of the penny that had a detailed painting in it. Some idiot used the pennies and they entered circulation, the first one was recovered, the second one is missing. the price on the second one is unfathomable at this point, but you basically could live without ever buying anything ever at this point from the cost of this penny.
User avatar #8 - zayinzetaseven ONLINE (12/30/2013) [+] (2 replies)
youtu.be/4xBBU1LF89g Necrotizing Faciitis - Becoming the Archtype
#53 to #8 - bapsmcgee (12/31/2013) [-]
I'm a bit mad I paused my music to listen to 10 seconds of that song
I'm a bit mad I paused my music to listen to 10 seconds of that song
#4 - anonymous Comment deleted by allcontent [-]
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