Facebook. Found on my facebook, my brother is quite the conspiracy freak, always good for a chuckle. rm or This is what happens when an idea comes together. Tho
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Found on my facebook, my brother is quite the conspiracy freak, always good for a chuckle

rm or
This is what happens when an idea comes together. Those in power get
afraid and try to oppress that idea.
editied 2 new photos.
Facebook has blocked my ability to add Friends.
People ofthe world - Do NOT be afraid to send me friend requests.
I accept you the way you are!
Jordan IS] no its because you have no mutual friends and seem
like attacker
Decembers I always thought social networking was to connect with the
world, youjust with those you know in your personal life.... hell I know them,
what is so wrong with expanding my friendship? I could never understanding
mind ofthe ignorant human!
24 mins Like
Jordan IS you' re ignorant to think you aren' t
gamins Like
December- I knoll can be ignorant. I never said I wasn' t. Everyone
can be from time to time. But all the time, okay maybe ignorant was the wrong
word. How about controlling? How about manipulative?
gamins Like in
Jordan -, December "I could never understanding mind of
the ignorant humana." There' s not someone individually checking friend
requests its a systemroot like anything else I' m sure you' re aware of..
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December 1 But it is a system put in place by a person. A computer can
only do what it is tolded. They can not . Therefore it is a
humans idiotic adepto have it there in the first place.
Wimins Like
u really think u have a mouth on you?
Lets go:... See More
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J! Andrei. XLI fuckface
s mins Like in
Elma's Edited Like in
Andyripit , friendless, shit talking Facebook
Seins Like in
Andretti Go u mothafucking fuck before I out there and split u in
Deviously u don' t have any money to travel, so I will accommodate the
arrangements for both offs.
First class for me. Six foot deepfry u
Elma's Like in
Andrei's u skinny ass hood loom worn out Drake version on crack
F mins Like in
Sprayed on chains hat space occupying keyboard soldier
F mins Like in
Jordan S December I-‘ I treeway everything has a
the maker decides what the creation is making
7 mins Like
Andrei. u say?
Isn' t it the dirtiest and stupidest colony ofthem all these days?
F mins Like in
And rel IE Ye ah. Exactly
is mins Like in
Andrejo Mofos like u only talk past the issues.
People like me deal with the issues like urself
is mins Like in
Andrei- Shouldn' t u be looking for ajob right now?
It' s Sunday. Tomorrow' s rent day.
is mins Like in
Andrei- Bla bla bla. Until I buss a digital cap in ass. Then all u can
do is sit back and like my shit.
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Submitted: 07/13/2014
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#1 - ohemgeezus (07/13/2014) [-]
I can't wait for Andrei to get shot up by the rival admin gang
#6 - frenzyhero (07/14/2014) [-]
bunch of faggots.
#2 - kanedam (07/14/2014) [+] (3 replies)
which of these idiots is you're bro?
and tell me if you are andrei or what?
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