Facebook and the Occulus. There are a few minor spelling mistakes in the picture, unfortunately paint doesn't spellcheck.. It' s over. So this is on the front G Facebook Occulus
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Facebook and the Occulus

There are a few minor spelling mistakes in the picture, unfortunately paint doesn't spellcheck.

It' s over. So this is on the front
GENIUS has page today, but these
been bought. are some wildly
unbased speculations,
Mark Zut: , has : Uus. and I' m going to explain
Paying a staggering why.
I' m not saying it' ll go , but,
I' m definitely not going to rec-': amend anyone go
buy it now...
Give it a few months, and we' ll see how it ends up.
Facebook integration, ads that play before you can
play; hell, maybe even a "Premium Account", so
you can remove the ads infront of your eyeballs. Lets look at two of
Nat here asking for I Pm just Facebookk largest
informing people " " "
I' m sure
r. all Dislike you' all head of ,
Guess what'?
Let that sink in for a minute.
Assuming for a second that the Occulus will require a
Facebook account, have a premium acoount or adds is
baseless given past evidence.
Now for something a little different, why I think Facebook
buying Occulus is a thing.
1} Having Billion more in funding for the Occulus is
amazing for the product the the industry. Innovation
drives competition and that kind of financial backing from
Facebook shows they think this is more than some
gimmick designed for games, they' re pushing to take
for all it' s worth. Facebook is a massive company with
market capitilization rivaling IBM, Oracle or Amazon, they
have all the resources they need to push the Occulus
above and beyond anything it could hope to achieve as a
simple game device.
lit) Facebook is full of nerds and good engineers. These
guys released their own PHP engine and even wrote their
own language to replace PH P. Were not looking at a
bunch of sleazy who don' t know what to do
and are Just looking to make a profit.
S) Zuckerberg said himself "immersive gaming will be the
first, and Occulus ahead has big plans here that won' t be
changing and we hope to accelerate." Okay sure I' m taking
his word on this but at the minute this is all we have to go
off until we start seeing the results of the aquisition.
There' s one thing I certainly carbohydrates said I agree
with though, and I oan' t stress this enough:
Give it a few months, and we' ll see how it ends up"
It' s far to soon to be Jumping ship on something this
industry defining like the Occulus. It' s young tech
enthusiasts like ourselves who need to take a leap of faith
to bring us to the future.
This is all Just my opinion in the end, but it' s backed by a
hell of a lot more than emotion. You don' t have to agree
with me, but it' s always best to look at situations like this
from both sides.
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Submitted: 03/27/2014
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#1 - jesterjlw ONLINE (03/27/2014) [+] (1 reply)
This company went from $80 Million worth of investment over the past 5 years to 1.6 Billion. There is nothing but potential in this. Facebook knows their crap when it comes to making money, they invest to get rich. I think this is a great buy and will give us the best VR we could dream of.
User avatar #5 - lip (03/28/2014) [-]
Honestly Mark doesn't seem to understand what the occulus if for, and neither do all the people claiming mandatory facebook integration.

The occulus is hardware not software. Giving money to the rift is going to let the dev's keep up with other companies jumping on the VR bandwagon.
#4 - theblargypargler ONLINE (03/27/2014) [-]
Oh my god, thank you, I hope everybody will quit crying.
Oh my god, thank you, I hope everybody will quit crying.
#3 - warmon (03/27/2014) [-]
THIS. This post is exactly what Ive been saying to people about this. People need to wait and see. Personally I agree with this post, in that giving this much money to a product like this can only be good. As for people saying that they want there money back from the kickstarter. That was a donation to the company. You put your support behind it, and now because they got even more money. You want your money back? WTH. Let them make something and then you can criticize it.
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